2 Gingham Shirts: Fabrics To Style With Any Outfit

A gingham shirt is a wardrobe staple. The fabric should have a versatile style, so that it can be put to use whether you are wearing a formal suit and tie, a cardigan, or want to go for an all casual outfit. Here are two multicolored gingham fabrics that we absolutely adore!


Red And Blue Gingham Shirt

We dare you to find a suit in your wardrobe that doesn’t match this shirt. It can easily be styled with colors like navy, charcoal, black, light gray, or anything that doesn’t involve a brown hue. This shirt is styled with a button down mini collar, so while still making room for your favorite skinny tie, it holds up perfectly if you want to skip the tie. The oxford weave makes the white collar extra sharp.

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Red Blue Multicheck gingham


Blue and Brown Gingham Shirt

Searching for something that you actually can wear with a brown suit? Look no further. This multicolored gingham shirt is incredibly soft, and you will love to wear it on a lazy sunday with a pair of jeans. However, it is more than sharp enough to sport with a suit as well. Pair it with a navy tie, and you’ve got the look!

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Blue Brown Multicheck gingham

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