3 Must-Have Short Sleeve Shirts for Summer


Summer has officially made its presence known, and you can only wear a white tee so many days in a row before you start to get a little envious of all the options the ladies have for keeping cool. Enter the short sleeve button down. Until recently, the closest a short sleeve shirt had ever been to a runway was a NASA landing strip. But the standby of engineers everywhere has come back in a big way, with updated cuts and patterns that will have you looking smart – in the British, dapper sort of way, not the pocket-protector toting way. Here are 3 must-have short sleeves to keep in your summer arsenal:

The Chambray


Think your favorite, wear-anywhere denim shirt, but light enough that you’ll still actually want to wear it everywhere in the sweltering heat. The fit is cleaned up, with a trimmer torso and fitted sleeves that will have your guns looking tougher than any long sleeve ever did.

The Check


On the surface, this one looks like it might still cater to the crowd that keeps their glasses together with duct tape, but once its on you’ll never look back. The sleeves are the perfect length to roll up a few times, and the button down collar is thankfully too slim to harbor any wide novelty ties one might be tempted to throw on. The vibe is more mod than guy who mods computers.

The Floral

short-sleeve-floralFloral menswear is going stronger than ever, and this short sleeve shirt is a perfect example of how to pull it off. It’s so laid back it teeters right on the edge of being a full blown Aloha shirt, with its straight-cut bottom and seamless placket. But with a modern fit, pearl buttons and refined mini-motif, don’t think anyone will be confusing you for a lost tourist.

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