3 Types of Summer Fabrics: Dobby, Jacquard, Floral

Summer is around the corner, and the hunt for the perfect printed summer shirt has officially started. There are several alternatives, including the famous floral print, and we have the best options for you.

The Dobby Cloth Shirt

The dobby weave is characterized by its small geometric patterns that are woven into the fabric. Sometimes different colors of threads are used, which gives an extra edge to a shirt that is rather discreet. Wear this with your favorite slags or your light summer suit, without a tie!

Dobby Cloth

The Jacquard Shirt

There are several types of jacquard weaves, but in essence, its aesthetics include a complex design that is woven into the fabric with exterior yarn. It’s the perfect alternative to a dye print, as the handcraft is much more complex, making the shirt look more exclusive and interesting.

Jacquard shirt

The Floral Liberty Shirt

The classic floral print is a must for the summer season, and Liberty of London is superior in this field – which is why they are our sole provider of our floral prints. The light, fine fabrics are a great match for summer, and the beautifully illustrated prints are embellished with fresh colors. Get this shirt short sleeved!

Dark Blue Floral Print

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