4 Effortless Ways For a Guy To Improve The Everyday Look!

There are are plenty of ways for a guy to improve his everyday look, hence be more attractive, and it is not necessarily a long process at all, but rather a few quick tricks to use throughout a day! Add small habits into your routine and make a big change!

Care about the details of your look

The details matter gentlemen. Put a pocket square in your jacket. Sport a tie clip. Wear your favorite watch. Polish your shoes. make sure your suit is pressed. It is all the small things accumulated that improve the presentation!

care about details

Take a look in the mirror

You might think that the ladies are a tad too eager to look themselves in the mirror, but you’d be better off following their lead to a certain extent. It’s worth checking every once in a while that your hair still looks good, that there’s nothing in your teeth, your tie is straight, and there are no stains to be spotted.

Look in the mirror

Take pointers from guys on the street

You can take pointers on do’s and don’ts regarding fashion pretty much everywhere you go, specially if you live in New York! Take time to observe the people around you, see what works and get inspiration for dressing from the people who do it best; The New Yorkers.

Skjermbilde 2016-06-02 kl. 10.30.37

Dress yourself – Own your look

Your clothes are a big part of your identity, which is why it should come from you, and not your significant other. Take style advice from both men and women, but make sure to have the last word in what you eventually wear. You’ll feel more comfortable and purposely dressed.

dress yourself

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