The 4 Outfit Essentials For Men This Summer

Summer is officially here, and there are a few key outfit essentials every man needs to be properly prepared! We have gathered our favorites from American and and French craft, to make sure you are ready for the best season of the year.

The Linen Shirt

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No man should ever face summer without a proper linen shirt. Naturally, we prefer our own ManuelRacim, and this pinstriped blue is our summer favorite! Priced at $235. Get it here.

White Chinos

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Memorial day has passed, and the white pants are back. We say wear them while you can, and our favorite are the chinos from Ralph Lauren, priced at $125. Get it here


Skjermbilde 2016-06-22 kl. 12.40.31

While the white sneaker trend of last year does indeed continue, here is another great shoe that can be worn both casual and semi formal. The black leather espadrilles from Saint Laurent is high up on our wish list, and priced at $395. Get it here.

The Getaway Bag

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For this year’s getaway bag, we are all about classic Horween American Bison leather. Priced at $625, the Jackson Duffle Bag from Trask will hold everything you need to bring with you for a quick weekend away, and last year after year. Get it here.


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