4 Ways To Nail Office Wear

Any career driven man knows that there are certain office wear staples that must be included in the wardrobe. How you style is another grand puzzle, and there is a fine line to balance between an outfit that is too flashy, and one that is simply to blend. Summer is ending soon, and New Yorkers are slowly making their way from lazy vacation days and back to the office – time for us to give you a head start, and show you how to best style your daily outfits, for a look that says “I know exactly what I’m doing”, as opposed to “look at me”.


The Core Staple

The white shirt is the core staple of any wardrobe. It can be styled with practically anything without the risk of committing a rather unfortunate fashion crime. Keep it classic but fresh, and add a tie with a loud pattern, yet subtle colors. We love this dark purple silk tie with white edged black stripes, around a classic cutaway collar.


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Let the Tie Do the Talking

Blue is a safe color, and even with the pinstripes, a shirt like this can handle a vibrant tie that steals the show. This navy blue one with red and white floral pattern adds just enough pop to earn a second glance.


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Subtle Extremes

A nice shade of pink is a safe winner in the office. How to style it is an entirely different issue, and let us warn you – mistakes can be made. To complement a bright color, go for a subtle tie,  in a solid neutral color, or with a subtle pattern. This silver tie with white micro dots lets the pink shine – notice the double windsor knot that is used with an extreme cutaway collar, for an updated look.


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This multicolored gingham balanced, with a subtle and appropriate pattern, yet several colors that catches the eye. There is very little room to add more pattern to this shirt, but do not be afraid to style it with a deep intense solid tie. Now, we adore this dark red, but a purple, blue or green would work just as well.

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