4 Ways to Style The Double Breasted Suit Jacket


One thing that can be said about the double breasted suit jacket is that, if anything, it was surely not the look, silhouette nor loudness that eventually gave it a bad, and most definitely unmerited reputation.

The comeback, which has already been whispered about for a few years, is now a fact, and not only for the baldest fashionistas. Style icons such as David Gandy, and Chris Pine are showing of their looks on the red carpet as well as on the street, proving to everyone that you do not have to be stuck in the 1980’s to wear the double breasted jacket.

The question remains, how should it be worn? Apart from making absolutely sure that this crisp jacket is well tailored, allow us to show you four ways of making it work, as shown by four style icons of our time.

Chris Pine’s Classic look: Shirt and Tie.

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Actor Chris Pine shows off some great styling skills in the details of the look shown above– wearing a printed tie and pocket square with a blue striped shirt. On the contrary, notice that the pattern of the suit remains rather simplistic and classic. Skip the pinstripes and checkered patterns, and choose a solid color to obtain a classic look.

Johannes Huebl: Drop the tie, let the shirt do the talking

Skjermbilde 2015-03-03 kl. 12.28.19

New York socialite Johannes Huebl has a great eye for the dandy but casual style, and proves that it doesn’t take much more than your classic white shirt to complement a double breasted jacket.

Choose this look with proper dress pants for a night out, or dress it down with denim for your Saturday lunch date.

David Gandy’s Casual look: Over a T shirt

Skjermbilde 2015-03-03 kl. 12.00.55

What is great about the double breasted jacket is that it can be more than just part of a look; it can be the whole look. Now, as shown by model David Gandy, this does indeed leave some more room for creativeness; whether it be colorful buttons, checkered patterns, or having the entire jacket made out of denim.

Show this look off after dark; For dinner or a few casual drinks.

Michael B. Jordan: Keeping warm in Cashmere until Spring

Skjermbilde 2015-03-03 kl. 15.13.53

Hey, let’s face it, spring season has yet to land upon New York. While you wait, don’t be afraid to rock a cashmere turtleneck underneath the double breasted jacket. Featured in GQ, Michael B Jordan makes this combination look as cool and effortless as ever.


What is your favorite style?

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