4 White Dress Shirts To Save Any Gray Day

What is the best white dress shirt? The options are endless with this neutral fabric, and can be styled for any day, and any occasion. Allow us to present our four best picks this season, and get your own go-to white dress shirt, by clicking the photos!

The Minimalistic Dress Shirt

While a white shirt is generally considered a classic, trendy elements can easily be added. This collar is a Slim Forward Point, one of our minimalistic collar types, and looks impeccable with both a skinny tie, bow tie, and even unbuttoned. To match this mini-collar, there is the slim barrel cuff, with a square finish. With thin Mother Of Pearl buttons and a sleek poplin fabric, the shirt makes up for a discrete, yet deadly sharp look.

Minimalistic White Shirt

The Classic Dress Shirt

Looking for the ultimate classic dress shirt? Look no further. The traditional Forward Point is a collar that is always right, and with a rounded barrel cuff, it is a bullet proof look. The royal oxford fabric works perfectly for along day at the office, yet the high quality, the shine, not to mention the thick Mother Of Pearl buttons, makes this shirt as wonderful for a more formal matter. In conclusion, there is no occasion for which this shirt cannot be worn.

Classic White Dress Shirt

The Modern Dress Shirt

New age men’s fashion is all about the details, and we are talking about those kind of details that can only be included in custom clothing. You will only be able to catch a glimpse of this dark blue subtle floral print, by Liberty of London, that is hiding inside the collar, as well as the French cuff. A shiny detail (cufflink) on which can certainly be added without going overboard. Notice that the collar is a cutaway, a updated classy look.

White Dress Shirt With Contrast Fabric

The Formal Dress Shirt

You don’t need to turn to a tuxedo shirt in order to be dressy. Plenty of fabric weaves shines enough to provide that dressy finish. The key is texture, and a twill or chevron weave will serve you well in this manner. Styled with a pronounced semi cutaway collar, the shirt contains subtle key statements that sends the exact message you want. A simple button barrel makes the shirt versatile.

Formal Dress Shirt


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