A Blooming Floral Trend in Menswear

Floral has always been a persistent theme in womens wear for as long as we can remember, but during this past men’s fashion week, flowery prints were sprouting up on the runways for Prada, Dries Van Noten and more, in unexpectedly masculine form. From subtle details to large abstract prints, this season has men with diverse styles adopting the trend in full force.

We recently had the pleasure of collaborating with two bloggers who eyed the same Liberty of London floral for their custom shirts, and found ways to incorporate the print in their disparate styles.




Jamaal Rich, of blog More Than Stats, selected a versatile gray fabric for the body of his shirt, and spruced it up with some floral detailing on the interior collar and cuff. The subtle touch of eccentric trim shows a precise attention to detail without attracting too much attention.

Mark Grischke from Fashion as a 2nd Language took a bolder approach, canvassing his entire shirt in the lively pattern. Minimal design prevents the shirt from overwhelming, and styled with a more subdued jacket, the pattern brings a contemporary pop to an elegant and timeless look.


Since not all of us are style-blogging, floral-wearing veterans whose closets are already teeming with the pattern, those who are less confident in their first foray can still take the leap with a refined print in understated colors. One of our customers recently designed a shirt similar to Mark’s, but in a smaller, tonal blue pattern. Paired with clean denim, it’s a casual take on the trend that’s easy to replicate even for the floral novice.


With New York always a bit ahead of the curve, we’re already seeing a heavy floral presence in the streets. Since we’re not likely to see this trend disappear any time soon, we went straight to the source and partnered with Liberty, the London shop celebrated for their iconic florals since 1875, to curate a collection with something for every style.

Select any of these shirts to purchase or customize from our site by clicking the image:

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