The Bar/Bat Mitzvah Dress Code

When you are invited to be a guest at a Bar or Bat Mitzvah, it might be difficult to know know what the dress code is. A Bar or Bat Mitzvah, is the celebration of jewish boys and girls coming of age, a ceremony that takes place around the age of thirteen. It is quite traditional, and a major event! Usually the event is set as formal or semi formal, which is a good indicator for what you should wear. Here is a quick look!

The Formal Bar/Bat Mitzvah Dress Code


Formal dress code mar bat mitzvah

Formal dress code bar bat mitzvah


At conservative bar/bat mitzvahs, a suit or a sport jacket is generally called for. Opt for a formal white dress shirt. A bright colored tie is welcomed, but be careful with loud prints. If you want to be safe, choose a plain silk tie, or a even a bow tie. You are welcome to wear cufflinks as an extra detail, however, this is not mandatory. Notice how you can add contrast details to the interior collar, that will only be visible while the collar is unbuttoned!

The Semi Formal Bar/Bat Mitzvah Dress Code


Semi formal dress code bar bat mitzvah

Semi formal dress code bar bat mitzvah blue

For more liberal bar/bat mitzvahs, which tends to often be a semi formal event, a shirt, slacks, and dress shoes will do the job. You can easily wear a colored shirt. Our examples is first a multicolored gingham in faded green and blue, which offers some differentiation to a normal dress shirt. During the summer season, a subtle print can certainly be worn, and we encourage you to try something different, by adding contrast to your interior collar!

For The Bar/Bar Mitzvah Guest Of Honor

ManuelRacim monogram styles dress code bar bat mitzvah


If you are attending a Bar Mitzvah, which is the celebration for boys, a made-to-measure shirt might just be the perfect gift, as it can be a memory for life. At ManuelRacim, the shirt can not only be customized with contrast fabrics and threading, but also with a monogram or a message, to remember the special day.


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