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There are a handful of days every year when even the lightest poplin shirting won’t be able to withstand the heat, and based on the weather this past week, it seems safe to say they’re getting close. Luckily, we have you covered, with a foolproof collection of breezy linen designs.

Linen is possibly the oldest textile in the world, having been called “woven moonlight” by the ancient Egyptians over 5000 years ago. The cultivation of flax into linen has changed little since then, owing to the fabric’s superb natural qualities. Its ethereal lightness, to which its Egyptian name alludes, has ensured linen’s enduring relevance as the warm weather fabric of choice for everyone from pharaohs to beach wedding parties.  Below, we’ve designed three foolproof linens that would find themselves at home in almost any wardrobe.

casual linen short sleeve custom shirt 4

casual linen short sleeve custom shirt 6casual linen short sleeve custom shirt 4casual linen short sleeve custom shirt 5

With half the sleeve length and double the style, this short sleeve shirt will keep you looking sharp even when you’re slacking off. Don’t be afraid to go unbuttoned and untucked with this one, a slim button-down collar and straight bottom hem help define casual cool. Lighthearted floral on the inside of the collar is toned down by an almost denim-esque, heathered blue linen. The finishing touch is a perfectly sized pocket to throw your shades into.

long sleeve linen striped dress shirt

long sleeve linen striped dress shirtlong sleeve linen striped dress shirtlong sleeve linen striped dress shirt

In the summer, NYC doesn’t shut down like many other cities. Unfortunately, the sun doesn’t go on any extended breaks either, as anyone who has to wear office attire will be quick to attest.This shirt has classic, work-ready looks, but a cotton-linen blend keeps it cooler than most.  We also added a split yoke for even more comfort, but back darts and Mother-of-Pearl buttons lend a sense of refinement. Dress like everyday is casual Friday, without anyone being the wiser.

safari linen bush shirt

safari linen bush shirtsafari linen bush shirtsafari linen bush shirt

The masculine looks of this shirt will put to rest any concerns about the daintiness of linen. Rugged styling is borrowed from the time-tested field shirt, and given a fashion forward polish better suited to making waves in the urban jungle. No one will be mistaking you for a tourist on any Summer excursions taken in this linen, even if you are one. Next week we’ll take a closer look at the style icon who helped to define it as one of the toughest garments in the annals of menswear.

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