Casual Shirt Weaves: Chambray, Denim, Flannel

We’ve already talked about weaves and fabrics for summer. Some are strictly meant for dress shirts, while others are perfect for casual shirts. Have a look at our best weaves for a laid-back weekend look!

The Chambray Shirt

The chambray shirt is a plain woven fabric with a reverse finish, usually made with a colored and a white thread. It can be both lightweight and heavyweight. It carries close resemblance with the oxford weave, but also looks a lot like denim! These properties makes the shirt a perfect hybrid between casual and conservative, and we love versatile looks!

Chambray Shirt

The Denim Shirt

The denim fabric is quite similar to the chambray weave, and the big difference is that denim is always a twill weave. It’s diagonal texture can be easily recognized on thick jeans. A classic denim shirt is a perfect piece of clothing to just throw on, and keep in mind that you can also sport it with a suit!

Denim Shirt

The Flannel Shirt

A flannel shirt is the softest and most comfortable item you can have in your wardrobe. It is this soft for two reasons. The yarn is loosely spun before the fabric is made, and after it is woven, it is brushed on both sides, to raise the fine fibers in the yarn. Be summer or winter, man should not have to face a sunday without a go-to flannel shirt.

Flannel Shirt

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