How To Wear Linen Shirts

Linen shirts are staple classics for any summer wardrobe, but it might be hard to navigate exactly how to wear it. There are more ways than one to style a linen shirt, and we are happy give you the scoop!

The Casual Linen Look

Casual linen is easy. Opt for a soft button down collar and a simple pocket. The American placket makes it even more casual. Wear it untucked with your favorite shorts, a pair of khakis, or white jeans. It’s a great excuse to choose a bright color, as the light fabric tones it down, and the look itself is already simple. Get the mint green linen shirt here!

The Uniform Linen Look

A soft and light fabric like linen is a great contrast to a uniform look. Choose shoulder straps and double breasted pockets, for the uniform look, and wear just as well unbuttoned with a white T-shirt underneath. Pick an neutral hue like this sandy beige, and pair it with earthly colored pants. Get it here!

The Contrasted Linen Look

Feeling trendy? Get a deep blue linen shirt with a flower contrast on the inside. This type of linen shirt is at its best when it is short sleeved, and paired with denim shorts or pants. Top it off with some dapper sunglasses, and your look is complete. Get it here!

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All Men’s Holiday Attires

Attention all men, your holiday attire does matter! It’s the time of the year when you reunite with family, good friends and old friends, and you want to look your best! Here’s a look at our favorite holiday shirts.

The “home for Christmas” shirt


Albini Brushed Cotton $165

Take some days to lounge at home in this ultra comfortable flannel shirt. The pale blue and beige hues are subtle and stylish, and you.

The “not so ugly” christmas shirt


Thomas Mason Limited Edition $345

Step up your game for this holiday’s dinner parties, and the ugly holiday sweaters with this beautiful red checkered shirt. You’re bound to be the most stylish guest at any family or friendly gathering.

The New Years Eve Shirtmr-purple-side

Albini Poplin $165

Time to get fancy! The hottest colors of the season are all dark, and with this burgundy fabric you have won the party. Pair it with your best black or charcoal suit, and match with a dark tie or bow tie, and the party is yours

The Bar/Bat Mitzvah Dress Code

When you are invited to be a guest at a Bar or Bat Mitzvah, it might be difficult to know know what the dress code is. A Bar or Bat Mitzvah, is the celebration of jewish boys and girls coming of age, a ceremony that takes place around the age of thirteen. It is quite traditional, and a major event! Usually the event is set as formal or semi formal, which is a good indicator for what you should wear. Here is a quick look!

The Formal Bar/Bat Mitzvah Dress Code


Formal dress code mar bat mitzvah

Formal dress code bar bat mitzvah


At conservative bar/bat mitzvahs, a suit or a sport jacket is generally called for. Opt for a formal white dress shirt. A bright colored tie is welcomed, but be careful with loud prints. If you want to be safe, choose a plain silk tie, or a even a bow tie. You are welcome to wear cufflinks as an extra detail, however, this is not mandatory. Notice how you can add contrast details to the interior collar, that will only be visible while the collar is unbuttoned!

The Semi Formal Bar/Bat Mitzvah Dress Code


Semi formal dress code bar bat mitzvah

Semi formal dress code bar bat mitzvah blue

For more liberal bar/bat mitzvahs, which tends to often be a semi formal event, a shirt, slacks, and dress shoes will do the job. You can easily wear a colored shirt. Our examples is first a multicolored gingham in faded green and blue, which offers some differentiation to a normal dress shirt. During the summer season, a subtle print can certainly be worn, and we encourage you to try something different, by adding contrast to your interior collar!

For The Bar/Bar Mitzvah Guest Of Honor

ManuelRacim monogram styles dress code bar bat mitzvah


If you are attending a Bar Mitzvah, which is the celebration for boys, a made-to-measure shirt might just be the perfect gift, as it can be a memory for life. At ManuelRacim, the shirt can not only be customized with contrast fabrics and threading, but also with a monogram or a message, to remember the special day.


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French Cuff vs Buttoned Cuff

A frequently asked question is when to wear a French cuff and when to wear a buttoned cuff. It might not be as hard to answer as you’d think, but there are several helpful guidelines to finding a style for your dress shirts that you are comfortable with.

French Cuff

Here is some basic information. The French cuff is also referred to as a double cuff, because the fabric of it is folded over, and has two layers. You will also need cufflinks in order to wear this style. There are also other types of cuffs that can be worn with a cufflink.

French Cuff

So when can you actually wear this style? While it is a common choice for a tuxedo shirt, the answer is that you can wear French cuffs whenever you want. It is an appropriate look for office wear, it allows you to customize your outfit, and dress it up or down as you wish. Wear a sharp pair of antique cufflinks when you dress to impress, and stick with casual silk knots for an average Tuesday at work. Feel free to skip the tie! Read more about how to wear French cuffs with no tie here.

french cuffs look

Buttoned Cuff

The buttoned cuff is more commonly used, as it is easier to wear. This look doesn’t need much explanation, it’s a barrel cuff, attached with one or more buttons, normally available in different finishes, such as square, round or notched.

Buttoned CuffA buttoned cuff can be used whenever, but you might want to give some more thought to the rest of the details as you wear it, so your outfit isn’t too simple. Choose a fresh fabric, or style your look with a sharp tie and a pocket square. If you get custom shirts, you can choose colored buttons for the shirt design, or a contrast fabric on the inside of the cuff, in order to add a subtle flair.

Buttoned Cuff Look

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This Month’s Best Dressed Male Celebrities

Our male celebrities have stepped up their game for the summer season, and seem to all be competing for the best dressed title. We can only love, and draw inspiration from the different looks. Have a peek at our favorite looks of the Month!

Chris Evans

chris evans

Practically taken right out of the ManuelRacim how-to book, Chris Evans paired a black dotted shirt with a grey suit and a polka dotted tie. A fresh pair of sunglasses finishes off the look on a summer day.

Will Arnett

will arnett in salvatore ferragamo

This is the suit you need for summer! Will Arnett looks effortlessly cool with his shirt unbuttoned and a pair of shades in his breast pocket that perfectly matches his shoes. Note that this jacket can easily be worn with jeans or slacks as well.

Simon Pegg


Simon Pegg wears his chambray shirt with a military green bomber jacket and camel loafers. Styled with blue jeans and ray bans, it’s a classic casual look. We love it!

Johannes Huebl

Talk about effortlessly cool, Johannes Huebl throws a white button down collared shirt over black jeans and dark shoes. It’s the perfect outfit for a traveler.

Alexander Skarsgaard


Leave it up to our swedish friend Alexander Skarsgaard to teach you how to wear a short sleeved shirt. Hawaii style, floral, any loud print will work with this kind of shirt this season. Also notice the loafers worn with no socks.

David Beckham


Spotted at Wimbledon, David Beckham is sporting everything we love about the club collar. Styled as a white contrast on a blue pattern shirt, a three-piece suit and a striped tie, Beckham gets a 10 out of 10 in our book.

3 Blue Dress Shirts That Save Your Outfit

You have blue, white, pink and patterned dress shirts, but putting together an outfit, and suiting up in the morning, can sometimes be difficult. You make so many other decisions throughout the day, that color combinations and accessorizing do not deserve top priority. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t opt to look your best. Here are 3 different blue (and not so boring) shirts that will easily save any outfit.


The Blue Striped Shirt

Blue striped dress shirt

A blue striped shirt is a wardrobe staple, and a safe choice for any shade of blue or grey suit. The shirt has a cutaway collar, a single barrel notched cuff, and minimal detailing. Wear it with a windsor tie knot, easily style the look with a brown belt and matching shoes, and the outfit is a winner.

The Blue Gingham ShirtBlue micro checked dress shirt

The dark blue micro gingham shirt has a few more casual details, but can be just as sophisticated. At the office, this shirt is worn best with a four in hand tie and a charcoal or navy suit. For happy hour, let the tie go and sport a relaxed unbuttoned collar.

The Blue Friday Shirt

turquoise contrasted gingham dress shirt

No tie needed for this look! The blue turquoise gingham shirt is contrasted with a solid color in the same hue, on the inside of the collar and cuff. Start the weekend off right, and wear this shirt with a pair of gray slacks, and an unbuttoned collar. Casual Friday never looked this good. 

4 Effortless Ways For a Guy To Improve The Everyday Look!

There are are plenty of ways for a guy to improve his everyday look, hence be more attractive, and it is not necessarily a long process at all, but rather a few quick tricks to use throughout a day! Add small habits into your routine and make a big change!

Care about the details of your look

The details matter gentlemen. Put a pocket square in your jacket. Sport a tie clip. Wear your favorite watch. Polish your shoes. make sure your suit is pressed. It is all the small things accumulated that improve the presentation!

care about details

Take a look in the mirror

You might think that the ladies are a tad too eager to look themselves in the mirror, but you’d be better off following their lead to a certain extent. It’s worth checking every once in a while that your hair still looks good, that there’s nothing in your teeth, your tie is straight, and there are no stains to be spotted.

Look in the mirror

Take pointers from guys on the street

You can take pointers on do’s and don’ts regarding fashion pretty much everywhere you go, specially if you live in New York! Take time to observe the people around you, see what works and get inspiration for dressing from the people who do it best; The New Yorkers.

Skjermbilde 2016-06-02 kl. 10.30.37

Dress yourself – Own your look

Your clothes are a big part of your identity, which is why it should come from you, and not your significant other. Take style advice from both men and women, but make sure to have the last word in what you eventually wear. You’ll feel more comfortable and purposely dressed.

dress yourself

How To Suit Up For A Wedding

The wedding season is up, and many gents are wondering how to suit up for the occasion! There are plenty of ways to crack the code and look your appropriate best for the newlyweds!

Pay attention to the invitation!

The invitation you receive to a wedding will include an indicator of what attire is appropriate for the evening. Pay attention to key words such as “black tie” or formal. Here are the most common dress codes for weddings, and how to sport them all!

The Black Tie Wedding

Black Tie Wedding

The ladies will be wearing goings, and you want to opt for a tuxedo for this occasion. Choose between a tie or a bow tie, and add a black vest to obtain the full look. The boldest gents can replace the vest with a cummerbund. For a summer wedding, you might be able to wear a black suit instead of a tuxedo. Our recommended shirt look is either a bib, or a covered placket.

The Semi Formal Wedding

Skjermbilde 2016-05-25 kl. 22.26.47

While you still want to opt for a formal suit and tie at a semi formal wedding, the time of the event can be a great indicator. If the reception is set in the evening, make sure to wear dark colors, and a dark tie as well. For a daytime reception, feel free to sport some lighter colors. A normal white dress shirt with a french or american placket will suffice for this attire.

The Casual Wedding

Skjermbilde 2016-05-25 kl. 22.34.11

You are welcome to, but not obligated to wear a tie for this one! Sport some dress pants or khaki’s with a light shirt and a blazer or a sport jacket, choose a casual tie or wear your collar button open!

How To Wash A Dress Shirt

How do you wash a dress shirt? For all you gentlemen out there who prefer to take care of business yourself, rather than sending your shirts for washing or dry-cleaning, here is a break-down of how to best wash your cotton dress-shirts!

Pre-treat stains

Stains are not going to remove themselves, specially as a dress shirt generally should be washed on a low temperature. Pre-treat any stain by scrubbing it with stain remover, detergent, or dish soap, then let it sit for about 30 minutes, before washing. Pay extra attention to the collar as it might have sweat marks that need to be removed.

close up of white shirt and red lipstick on it


Collar stays

Always remove collar stays before washing! First of all, they might disappear in the washer. Second of all, the collar wings might warp around the collar stays and create a weird shape. Third of all, the collar stay might leave a trace at the surface of the collar. Enough said.

Skjermbilde 2016-05-11 kl. 12.26.17


Use the right laundry detergent

It goes without saying that you should divide the different colors of a shirt. But then you must choose a good detergent that protects the color of the shirts as well. Do not ever use a detergent with bleach ever, unless it is for washing white shirts, as the color of the shirt might fade.

Pouring softerner for loundry in waching machine


Use the right washing cycle

A dress shirt should be washed on a delicate or cold cycle, generally for about 30 minutes. If you wash the shirt on a higher temperature then you might experience that the shirts shrink beyond what is expected, as cotton is a fiber that shrinks when exposed to warm water.

wash cycle delicate


Finish the right way

Hang dry your shirts. The best way is to put them on hangers to avoid unnecessary creasing. The shirts do not have to be entirely dry before you iron them, you might find that it is easier to even our the creases on a slightly moist cotton shirt. But please, do not put the shirts in the dryer, and if you really have to, then this should be on the lowest temperature possible.

hang dry shirts

The Met Gala: The Best Tuxedos of the Red Carpet

At the Met Galla, the biggest Fashion testimony of the year, wild and interesting outfits are applauded, and for this year’s theme “Manus x Machina: Fashion in an age of technology”, the gents did not hold back! While some opted for a real dress-up, here are the best tuxedo looks of the red carpet.

Orlando Bloom

Orlando Bloom in PradaIt’s rather safe plaid, but we’ve said it before, and we say it again. A classic tuxedo look spiced up with a colored jacket. It cannot go wrong!

Tom Hiddleston
Tom Hiddelston Ralph Lauren Purple Label

Hiddleston looks impeccable in Ralph Lauren Purple Label. Perfectly tailored, and extra points for the traditional tail coat, which seemed to be a popular choice for the evening!

Jared Leto

Jared Leto in Gucci

Jared Leto is up there with the boldest gents of the night, yet carrying his Gucci tux with style. To replace a bow tie, Leto sports a silver brooch with blue details, the way only he can. Our tip is to opt for a bib on the shirt next time, to avoid a sheer look!


Diplo in Calvin Klein

A green tuxedo from Calvin Klein, with subtle lapels, matching shirt and a black tie. It’s a look to love or hate, and we love it. Notice the ultra trendy patent shoes with crossed bands.

Idris Elba

Idris Elba in Tom Ford

Tom Ford knows how to make the ultimate Tuxedo, and Idris Elba knows how to rock one. finished with patent shoes and a small detail on wide lapels, this look wins the night! It’s your world Mr. Elba, we are just living in it.


Which look is your favorite?