Choosing Between a Point Collar and a Spread Collar

How will you choose between a point collar or a spread collar? What should you keep in mind, and how will you reach the best decision? We have the essential details.

Face Shape

Point Collar – For a round face shape, a point collar would be the most flattering look. There are several types of point collars, from the traditional forward point, to the more updated small forward point, and a modern slim forward point, which is also referred to as a mini collar.


Spread Collar – For an oval/angled face shape, a spread collar does the job. A semi-cutaway, also referred to as an english spread, will be your traditional choice. If your taste is more bold, go for a classic cutaway or full cutaway.



Tie Size – Even with a small tie knot, a wide neck tie will take up space, so make absolutely sure that it can fit around the collar band, and between the collar wings. A point collar might be too narrow in this matter. However, with a narrow, or even skinny tie, a point collar offers a much more balanced look than a spread collar.

Knot – Ask yourself, what knot do you actually tie? A simple four-in-hand, which is commonly used for thinner sized ties, will fit perfectly between the wings of a point collar, or a slim point collar. A half windsor, or a windsor knot, is made for a spread collar, as it will fill out the larger gap between the wings.

No Tie – No brainer. Go for a spread collar.


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Stay Cool Through The Winter With Our New Accessories

Need a new pair of cufflinks? Looking for new, stylish ties? A new season is in session, and we have just the right details to get your wardrobe through a dark and cold winter. Stock up on ties, whether you are the midnight blue paisley kind of guy, or will go for the trendy wool ties to keep warm. Our new cufflinks can cater to the taste of any gentleman, and ranges from discreet silver to bright colors.


Wool Ties

Brown Wool TieGrey Striped Wool Tie

The classic necktie is not limited to just silk. On the contrary, the most stylish gentlemen have recently invited the edgy looking wool tie into their wardrobe. Let a rustic color give your outfit a vintage look, or stay classic with a gray striped style.


Midnight Blue Ties

Midnight Blue Paisley TieMidnight Blue Pindot Tie


Midnight blue rules as one of the most current colors this season, and the variations of patterns are many! Be bold with a paisley jacquard print, go for a bullet proof pindot tie.


Grenadine Silk Ties

Burgundy Grenadine TieGreen Grenadine Tie

A grenadine silk tie is gauze woven, and looks aesthetically appealing due to its textured surface, that allows for an interesting detail without flashy prints and bright colors. This interesting weave is a sure conversation starter.


All Silver Cufflinks

Silver Disk CufflinksSilver Knot Cufflinks

Go for all silver cufflinks, and let shape and textures steal the show. The textured disc cufflink remains classic and ever-appropriate, while the “silk” knot ones are cool and creative.


Onyx Cufflinks

Onyx Disk Cufflinks Onyx Sylinder Cufflinks

Black onyx cufflinks are a perfect addition to formal wear, as they match tuxedo studs so well. Go the safe route with a pair of round disk cufflinks, or be edgy with round cylinder cufflinks.


Bright Colored Cufflinks
Pink Disk CufflinksOval Paisley Cufflinks

Add some color to your attire, and let the cufflinks steal the show. The thick disk cufflink in a pink shade adds additional detailing due to its shape, while the yellow paisley design says it all with the motif.

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4 White Dress Shirts To Save Any Gray Day

What is the best white dress shirt? The options are endless with this neutral fabric, and can be styled for any day, and any occasion. Allow us to present our four best picks this season, and get your own go-to white dress shirt, by clicking the photos!

The Minimalistic Dress Shirt

While a white shirt is generally considered a classic, trendy elements can easily be added. This collar is a Slim Forward Point, one of our minimalistic collar types, and looks impeccable with both a skinny tie, bow tie, and even unbuttoned. To match this mini-collar, there is the slim barrel cuff, with a square finish. With thin Mother Of Pearl buttons and a sleek poplin fabric, the shirt makes up for a discrete, yet deadly sharp look.

Minimalistic White Shirt

The Classic Dress Shirt

Looking for the ultimate classic dress shirt? Look no further. The traditional Forward Point is a collar that is always right, and with a rounded barrel cuff, it is a bullet proof look. The royal oxford fabric works perfectly for along day at the office, yet the high quality, the shine, not to mention the thick Mother Of Pearl buttons, makes this shirt as wonderful for a more formal matter. In conclusion, there is no occasion for which this shirt cannot be worn.

Classic White Dress Shirt

The Modern Dress Shirt

New age men’s fashion is all about the details, and we are talking about those kind of details that can only be included in custom clothing. You will only be able to catch a glimpse of this dark blue subtle floral print, by Liberty of London, that is hiding inside the collar, as well as the French cuff. A shiny detail (cufflink) on which can certainly be added without going overboard. Notice that the collar is a cutaway, a updated classy look.

White Dress Shirt With Contrast Fabric

The Formal Dress Shirt

You don’t need to turn to a tuxedo shirt in order to be dressy. Plenty of fabric weaves shines enough to provide that dressy finish. The key is texture, and a twill or chevron weave will serve you well in this manner. Styled with a pronounced semi cutaway collar, the shirt contains subtle key statements that sends the exact message you want. A simple button barrel makes the shirt versatile.

Formal Dress Shirt


4 Ways To Wear Plaid Shirts This Fall

How would you wear your plaid shirt this fall? There are plenty of different ways to sport this gem of a pattern, whether you wish to look conservative, or go for the perfect weekend look. Allow us to present ManuelRacim plaid shirt looks that will ensure that you look your best for any day of the week this season.

The Conservative – Get The Look
Plaid Shirt Conservative

This subtle pattern in light colors is the perfect office look. The faded blue and green colors tone down the style of the shirt, while keeping a playful aesthetic. Pair it up with a solid tie in earth colors. We chose a dark beige, but a green, brown or even dark red color would make the look just as magic.

The Colorful – Get The Look

Plaid Shirt Colorful
A confident man should not be afraid to rock some color. This multi toned blue and orange is your perfect fall shirt, and offers a versatile look, as you can just easily style it with a tie, for casual Friday, as for a night out. A minimalistic slim forward point collar puts the finish on a modern look.

The Contrast Detailed – Get The Look

Plaid Shirt Contrast Fabric


Add a twist to your shirt! At ManuelRacim we offer a design that can include a contrast fabric on your collar (and cuff). And don’t stop there. Choose a button to match the contrast! We simply love this all blue plaid shirt, with matching pink contrast colors.

The Weekender – Get The Look


This famous ManuelRacim weekender shirt is made of brushed cotton and comes in several different colors, but we must say that this gray fabric is quite a find, and sure to match your favorite jeans perfectly. Notice how this one is styled with a full cutaway collar, for an updated and sleek look. Throw it over a comfortable white cotton t-shirt, or button it up and tuck it in. We guarantee it is a winner either way.


What is your perfect plaid shirt look? Leave a comment for us!

4 Ways To Spot a Perfect Fitted Men’s Shirt

A perfect fitted men’s shirt. What should you look for? How will you know what is the correct fit? How will you remain comfortable, yet look your very best? We have all the answers, along with a of number secret tips to share with you.

1. The Body – A Silhouette That Complements You

shirt body

While still keeping you comfortable, a shirt that complements the body should have as little excess fabric as possible around the chest, waist and arms. The ease should be anything between 1 and 2,5 inches, depending on how loose you want the fit to be. Choose back darts for a much sharper silhouette. These tapering seams will emphasize your back and give you that perfect V-shape.

And what about the length? The key is to make the shirt long enough not to peek at the sides when you stretch, however, it should not be longer than the end of your behind. A good tip if the shirt is meant to be tucked out – go for straight bottom cut. It will allow you to wear a shorter shirt that does not cut upwards on the sides.

2. The Neck – Room To Breathe, But Not Too Loose

shirt neck

The rule of thumb is that there should be room for one full finger between the neck and the collar. Many might not be aware that a lot more detailing can, and should, go into getting that perfect fitted collar. A good tailor can make adjustments to the actual collar placement, and make sure that the it aligns with your neck. As a side note, there is a correlation between collar and face shape, and our best advice is to pick a point collar for a round face shape, and a spread collar for a long face shape.

3. The Shoulders – A Split Yoke

shirt shoulders

This one is a non-negotiable subject. The shoulder of the shirt should end exactly where your shoulder actually stops, no more and no less. The shoulder should never be affected by your arm-movement, that is how you will know that it is too long. If the pull from the collar is too strong, then the shoulder is too short. Now here’s a secret about shoulder movements – Ask for a split yoke, as this will increase the stretching ability of the shirt without compromising the fit. 

4. The Sleeves – Length Is Key

shirt sleeves

Wristband for Apple Watch by Turks

The sleeves of the shirt, unbuttoned, should end right where your thumb starts. If the sleeves travel up your arm without returning to its place as you stretch, they are too short. Moreover, the sleeve should look sleek all the way down to the cuff, and have a maximum fold of 1cm at the bottom. Here’s another extra tweak – Avoid a large amount of sleeve pleats. There is no reason to add excess fabric. One or two pleats should be enough. If you wear a watch, your cuff should have a customized width.

Go Custom

While plenty of men have converted from off-the-rack to custom suits, there are some very sufficient reasons to get custom shirts as well, as all these details are hard to get right in one ready-to-wear shirt. Besides, we say that the closer the garment is to the body, the more important it is that it fits you just right.


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How To Rock French Cuffs Without a Tie

Can French cuffs be worn without a tie? Now that is a question we’ve been asked several times. The answer is simple. Yes. Whether you are going out on Friday night, or to work on Monday morning, you can wear French cuffs. A French cuff dress shirt actually follows the same rules and could be worn in the same places as a barrel cuff shirt. Cufflinks are merely just an opportunity for a man to personalize his wardrobe, and some men use them as a signature. The question remains how to choose the look that suits you best.

shirt cufflinks

How To Wear French Cuffs

Don’t be a poser: Find that look which says “I got this”. Your confidence can only shine through if you incorporate various looks into your own style. If you are not used to wearing cufflinks at all, don’t overdo it. Are French cuffs already your forte, then be careful not to dress your look down too much.

Find a balance: The key is refinement. If you are sporting your most colorful shirt, it should not be paired up with flashy cufflinks. Are you going for a white shirt, the look might benefit from some nice detailed cufflinks to draw the attention.

Make sure your shirt fits: A French cuff is a beautiful detail, but there is nothing worse than a badly tailored shirt to go with it. Nothing says “I have no idea what I’m trying to do” like a loose fitted shirt with baggy sleeves.

French cuffs no tie

Picking The Right Cufflinks

Choose the right look: If you are sporting a suit, go for high end metals such as gold or silver. The intentional lack of a tie should not be a reason to skimp on the rest of the details. Choose pair of lower end metal cufflinks for a business casual work attire, and always keep a pair of silk knots for your a casual weekend look.

Colors are your weapon: Think about what colors you implement your look with. The silk knots will give you the perfect opportunity to play around with this exact detail. A great tip is to use colors that mean something to you, for instance, your school colors. Picture that someone notices the colors – it will be the perfect conversation-starter.

Tone down the irony: The joking cufflinks should be limited to once in a blue moon. You don’t want to appear as “that guy with those crazy cufflinks”.

Cufflinks ManuelRacim

The Perfect Weekend Look With French Cuffs

The blue gingham shirt works just as well at the office as it does for the weekend, and can easily be styled with french cuffs and a pair of subtle cufflinks. Since this pattern is quite loud, you do want to stick with subtle details. As previously mentioned, if the shirt is white, feel free to sport some edgier pieces. Notice that this look is styled with silk knots, for the perfect weekend getaway look.


Got a favorite look you’d like to tell us about?  Have a question for us?  Leave a comment below!


4 Ways To Nail Office Wear

Any career driven man knows that there are certain office wear staples that must be included in the wardrobe. How you style is another grand puzzle, and there is a fine line to balance between an outfit that is too flashy, and one that is simply to blend. Summer is ending soon, and New Yorkers are slowly making their way from lazy vacation days and back to the office – time for us to give you a head start, and show you how to best style your daily outfits, for a look that says “I know exactly what I’m doing”, as opposed to “look at me”.


The Core Staple

The white shirt is the core staple of any wardrobe. It can be styled with practically anything without the risk of committing a rather unfortunate fashion crime. Keep it classic but fresh, and add a tie with a loud pattern, yet subtle colors. We love this dark purple silk tie with white edged black stripes, around a classic cutaway collar.


MR Silk Tie $125  MR Custom Shirt $125


Let the Tie Do the Talking

Blue is a safe color, and even with the pinstripes, a shirt like this can handle a vibrant tie that steals the show. This navy blue one with red and white floral pattern adds just enough pop to earn a second glance.


MR Silk Tie $125  MR Custom Shirt


Subtle Extremes

A nice shade of pink is a safe winner in the office. How to style it is an entirely different issue, and let us warn you – mistakes can be made. To complement a bright color, go for a subtle tie,  in a solid neutral color, or with a subtle pattern. This silver tie with white micro dots lets the pink shine – notice the double windsor knot that is used with an extreme cutaway collar, for an updated look.


MR Silk Tie $125  MR Custom Shirt $125



This multicolored gingham balanced, with a subtle and appropriate pattern, yet several colors that catches the eye. There is very little room to add more pattern to this shirt, but do not be afraid to style it with a deep intense solid tie. Now, we adore this dark red, but a purple, blue or green would work just as well.

checks-OUT-RSMR Silk Tie $65 (Sale)  MR Custom Shirt $225



Italian Cuff : The Return Of the Iconic

The Italian cuff has many names; Cocktail cuff, Portofino cuff, Casino cuff, Turnback or Flowback cuff, or what many might know it as, the James Bond cuff. It can be recognized as a two-button barrel with a turnback such as a French cuff. While Esquire was one of the first publications to predict its revival, let’s first talk about how this dandy cuff trend came about.

Indeed worn by Sir Sean Connery as James Bond, the stylish yet functional cuff became an quintessential detail of men’s fashion in the 1960’s. It was also seen on Roger Moore in three of his movies. Famous names the mid-20th century, such as David Niven, Peter Sellers and even Pablo Picazzo adapted to the sporty summer trend, before it disappeared in the mid-seventies. By then it had become iconic for it’s era.

With custom clothing growing rapidly in popularity, along with a a greater appreciation for anything retro, the cocktail cuff is back in the wind, and we dare say more popular than ever. Arguably because they are not overdone – On the contrary Italian cuff is more convenient and less flashy then the classic French Cuff – therefore it is easy to include in your wardrobe.

Italian cuff, white shirt

Italian Cuff, Formal or Casual?

The cuff was originally known for its functional and semi-casual look, and it can easily be styled for both casual and formal occasions.  Design your Italian cuff shirt with a solid fabric to fit your favorite summer suit. Choose a pale blue or crisp white color to replicate the classic James Bond style.

Many of our fashion oriented customers are choosing several colors – For instance a pink or blue fabric with a white contrast collar and cuff, paired not only with the cuff, but the full Cutaway collar, or another iconic gem – the Club collar.

As the Italian Cuff was originally meant to be worn during summer, it can just as well be used for a more casual look – design it with fresh colored gingham fabric, and wear it with shorts or khakis during long weekends and summer getaways!




4 Ways to Style The Double Breasted Suit Jacket


One thing that can be said about the double breasted suit jacket is that, if anything, it was surely not the look, silhouette nor loudness that eventually gave it a bad, and most definitely unmerited reputation.

The comeback, which has already been whispered about for a few years, is now a fact, and not only for the baldest fashionistas. Style icons such as David Gandy, and Chris Pine are showing of their looks on the red carpet as well as on the street, proving to everyone that you do not have to be stuck in the 1980’s to wear the double breasted jacket.

The question remains, how should it be worn? Apart from making absolutely sure that this crisp jacket is well tailored, allow us to show you four ways of making it work, as shown by four style icons of our time.

Chris Pine’s Classic look: Shirt and Tie.

Skjermbilde 2015-03-03 kl. 11.58.38

Actor Chris Pine shows off some great styling skills in the details of the look shown above– wearing a printed tie and pocket square with a blue striped shirt. On the contrary, notice that the pattern of the suit remains rather simplistic and classic. Skip the pinstripes and checkered patterns, and choose a solid color to obtain a classic look.

Johannes Huebl: Drop the tie, let the shirt do the talking

Skjermbilde 2015-03-03 kl. 12.28.19

New York socialite Johannes Huebl has a great eye for the dandy but casual style, and proves that it doesn’t take much more than your classic white shirt to complement a double breasted jacket.

Choose this look with proper dress pants for a night out, or dress it down with denim for your Saturday lunch date.

David Gandy’s Casual look: Over a T shirt

Skjermbilde 2015-03-03 kl. 12.00.55

What is great about the double breasted jacket is that it can be more than just part of a look; it can be the whole look. Now, as shown by model David Gandy, this does indeed leave some more room for creativeness; whether it be colorful buttons, checkered patterns, or having the entire jacket made out of denim.

Show this look off after dark; For dinner or a few casual drinks.

Michael B. Jordan: Keeping warm in Cashmere until Spring

Skjermbilde 2015-03-03 kl. 15.13.53

Hey, let’s face it, spring season has yet to land upon New York. While you wait, don’t be afraid to rock a cashmere turtleneck underneath the double breasted jacket. Featured in GQ, Michael B Jordan makes this combination look as cool and effortless as ever.


What is your favorite style?

What Shirt Would You Wear for the Biggest Ceremony of the Year?


Awards season reached its apogee Sunday evening at the 87th Oscars in Los Angeles.
The Ceremony, hosted by the great Neil Patrick Harris, was (as always) a huge success, and once again, a proof that gents are in the mist of outdoing their female counterparts on the red carpet.

With that many menswear trends at the same time and place, allow us to take them apart and reveal what this year’s most current faces chose to wear for the biggest event of the season– and perhaps give you some inspiration?


Here is our top 5!

#1 – Mother Of Pearl studs and Semi-Cutaway Collar – A safe winner

In the world of fashion at least. Academy award nominee Michael Keaton opted for a classic white tuxedo shirt with Mother of Pearl studs, and a modern design with the versatile semi-cutaway collar, that can be worn with a bow tie/tie or unbuttoned for a casual week-end outfit.

#2 – The wing collar – Add some edge
Skjermbilde 2015-02-24 kl. 15.14.24 (1)

J.K. Simmons won an Academy Award for best actor in a supporting role with the music drama Whiplash, and as he entered the stage, the actor’s message to the World was clear; “Call your mom!”. Nor was he afraid to make a statement in this wing collared shirt, detailed with black studs. To top off the look, Simmons chose to rock a hat and a pocket square.

#3 – The hidden placket – For a simplistic look

Oscars 2015’s host Neil Patrick Harris amazed us with his 5 outfits of the night ( maybe not the tighty whities, although we give him a +1 for Audacity). However, what really caught our eyes was this classic white shirt with french cuffs and hidden placket that gives a sleek and simple look to the whole outfit.

#4 – A classic shirt – Statement buttons

Birdman’s Director Alejandro González Iñárritu was one of the most celebrated men of the night, as he won 4 Oscars, including Best Director. He chose a simple white shirt with thick mother of pearl buttons and semi-cutaway collar for his big night. The least we can say is that it was a lucky one!
+1 for his acceptance speeches and Oscar dedicated to the new generation of Mexican immigrants.

#5 – Burgundy details – For taking back the night

One of the boldest choices of the night was British actor David Oyelowo’s Dolce & Gabbana burdungy tuxedo. He assorted it with a white classic shirt with a matching red colored bow tie and vest (the devil is in the details!).
Although most of us could not go out with this tuxedo, he certainly rocked it, and for that he deserves an award! May we suggest a white shirt with burgundy buttons as a moderation?

Bonus: To try at home first – Sean Penn’s Black on Black look

Dark as usual, Sean Penn made a brilliant appearance in a Black Tuxedo with Black shirt and Black tie. Now, can anyone own this look like Sean Penn himself? You tell us.