Introducing: The Stain Proof Custom Shirt

A stain proof custom shirt that actually breathes seems completely unheard of and too good to be true. Yet ground breaking technology has made it possible to create such a wonder of a fabric, and now we at ManuelRacim have the pleasure of offering them to our customers, available in premium white and azure blue.

How The Stain Proof Custom Shirt Works

Induo has developed a patented technology which includes an all natural cotton fiber, that contains a tex membrane that not only repels sweat, liquids, and stains but also breathes, so is just as comfortable throughout a day.  Test it with anything, coffee, juice, wine, and notice that the genius membrane completely prevents the liquid from absorbing into the fabric. It’s like an invisible shield. Keep in mind that they will also be easier to treat.

How To Wear The Stain Proof Custom Shirt

Anywhere! The fabric is still the same soft, breathable cotton that we offer at ManuelRacim, and essentially you will not notice how the shirt is different, until you spill on it, or sweat through it, and realize that life has gotten easier. In our opinion, this is the perfect shirt for travel, when you have to pack light, and must trust your clothing to last through several days. Trust us, it has never been easier to look good. Shop the looks below!

Stain Proof Custom Shirt – Premium White

Stain Proof Custom Shirt – Azure Blue

How To Wear Linen Shirts

Linen shirts are staple classics for any summer wardrobe, but it might be hard to navigate exactly how to wear it. There are more ways than one to style a linen shirt, and we are happy give you the scoop!

The Casual Linen Look

Casual linen is easy. Opt for a soft button down collar and a simple pocket. The American placket makes it even more casual. Wear it untucked with your favorite shorts, a pair of khakis, or white jeans. It’s a great excuse to choose a bright color, as the light fabric tones it down, and the look itself is already simple. Get the mint green linen shirt here!

The Uniform Linen Look

A soft and light fabric like linen is a great contrast to a uniform look. Choose shoulder straps and double breasted pockets, for the uniform look, and wear just as well unbuttoned with a white T-shirt underneath. Pick an neutral hue like this sandy beige, and pair it with earthly colored pants. Get it here!

The Contrasted Linen Look

Feeling trendy? Get a deep blue linen shirt with a flower contrast on the inside. This type of linen shirt is at its best when it is short sleeved, and paired with denim shorts or pants. Top it off with some dapper sunglasses, and your look is complete. Get it here!

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Thomas Mason Limited Edition. Spring/Summer ’17

The Limited Edition Spring/Summer ’17 edition has us ready for a warm season, and hooked on Thomas Mason, again! Light linens, sharp stripes, seersucker and summerly prints are all leaving their mark on this season, and there are so many to choose from! Only a handful of stores in the US are given the privilege to sell the Limited Edition by the famous mill, and ManuelRacim is one of them. Look your freshest, and indulge in the very finest fabrics to keep you looking dapper this summer. But hurry before your favorite is sold out, as these fabrics will not be replenished!

Linen, and Linen/Cotton

If you didn’t wear a good linen shirt, did summer really happen? Choose between our finest gold linen fabrics in deep trendy colors, to fresh linen/cotton mixes, that are perfect for the warm summer days that are ahead of us!

Multicolored Checks And Stripes

Oh how we love the multicolored fabrics! This season there are both plenty of sharp striped and checkered fabrics, in fresh reds, blues and pinks.

Jacquard and Textures

Ease into the season with jacquard prints and textured spring fabrics. A subtle printed jacquard shirt is just what you need to complement a good spring suit. Take Ryan Gosling’s best suit advices here!

Playful Prints

Wine and dine in style! Your date nights, guys nights, and late dinners are secured with these dapper prints in rich colors. The fabrics are double-ply woven, making the hues shine even brighter. We love the dots and the paisleys as the special summer prints! How about a palm tree shirt for the gentleman?

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All Men’s Holiday Attires

Attention all men, your holiday attire does matter! It’s the time of the year when you reunite with family, good friends and old friends, and you want to look your best! Here’s a look at our favorite holiday shirts.

The “home for Christmas” shirt


Albini Brushed Cotton $165

Take some days to lounge at home in this ultra comfortable flannel shirt. The pale blue and beige hues are subtle and stylish, and you.

The “not so ugly” christmas shirt


Thomas Mason Limited Edition $345

Step up your game for this holiday’s dinner parties, and the ugly holiday sweaters with this beautiful red checkered shirt. You’re bound to be the most stylish guest at any family or friendly gathering.

The New Years Eve Shirtmr-purple-side

Albini Poplin $165

Time to get fancy! The hottest colors of the season are all dark, and with this burgundy fabric you have won the party. Pair it with your best black or charcoal suit, and match with a dark tie or bow tie, and the party is yours

This Just In: New Fall Ties

The fall season calls for new ties! We are excited to show you our new collection; a wonderful mix of dark fall fabrics and tasteful prints to brighten up the darker days ahead. Stop by our Tribeca store to view the full collection, all handcrafted in Naples with the finest silk, priced at $125.

ties-fall-16 ties-prints-16

Thomas Mason Limited Edition Fall/Winter ’16

The Limited Edition Fall/Winter ’16 edition has us hooked on Thomas Mason, again! Brushed cotton, excellent fall plaid patterns, dark colors and playful prints are keywords this season, and the variations are many! Only a handful of stores in the US are given the privilege to sell the Limited Edition by the famous mill, and ManuelRacim is one of them. Look your freshest, and indulge in the very finest fabrics to keep you warm this winter. But hurry before your favorite is sold out, as these fabrics will not be replenished!

Brushed Cotton

You might know the feel of these fabrics as flannel – brushed cotton is merely a finer version of the term. This season, the use of rich colors are making us dream away to those dark fall nights.

Plaids and Patternsplaids-and-patterns

Multicolored gingham patterns are still in style, and now in several varieties of patterns. The deep colors are paired together beautifully, creating pure masterpieces of swatches. If these don’t do it for you, then a single colored houndstooth swatch might be just subtle enough for you.

Jacquard and Texturestextured-prints

Ease into the season with jacquard prints and textured fall fabrics. The subtle printed jacquard is just what you need for that new fall suit, while the darker colors and textures are perfect leisure fabrics.

Playful Prints


Wine and dine in style! Your date nights, guys nights, and late dinners are secured with these dapper prints in rich colors. The fabrics are double-ply woven, making the hues shine even brighter. We love the dots and the paisleys as much as wintery florals. What is your favorite?

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This Month’s Best Dressed Male Celebrities

Our male celebrities have stepped up their game for the summer season, and seem to all be competing for the best dressed title. We can only love, and draw inspiration from the different looks. Have a peek at our favorite looks of the Month!

Chris Evans

chris evans

Practically taken right out of the ManuelRacim how-to book, Chris Evans paired a black dotted shirt with a grey suit and a polka dotted tie. A fresh pair of sunglasses finishes off the look on a summer day.

Will Arnett

will arnett in salvatore ferragamo

This is the suit you need for summer! Will Arnett looks effortlessly cool with his shirt unbuttoned and a pair of shades in his breast pocket that perfectly matches his shoes. Note that this jacket can easily be worn with jeans or slacks as well.

Simon Pegg


Simon Pegg wears his chambray shirt with a military green bomber jacket and camel loafers. Styled with blue jeans and ray bans, it’s a classic casual look. We love it!

Johannes Huebl

Talk about effortlessly cool, Johannes Huebl throws a white button down collared shirt over black jeans and dark shoes. It’s the perfect outfit for a traveler.

Alexander Skarsgaard


Leave it up to our swedish friend Alexander Skarsgaard to teach you how to wear a short sleeved shirt. Hawaii style, floral, any loud print will work with this kind of shirt this season. Also notice the loafers worn with no socks.

David Beckham


Spotted at Wimbledon, David Beckham is sporting everything we love about the club collar. Styled as a white contrast on a blue pattern shirt, a three-piece suit and a striped tie, Beckham gets a 10 out of 10 in our book.

The 4 Outfit Essentials For Men This Summer

Summer is officially here, and there are a few key outfit essentials every man needs to be properly prepared! We have gathered our favorites from American and and French craft, to make sure you are ready for the best season of the year.

The Linen Shirt

Skjermbilde 2016-06-22 kl. 13.23.47

No man should ever face summer without a proper linen shirt. Naturally, we prefer our own ManuelRacim, and this pinstriped blue is our summer favorite! Priced at $235. Get it here.

White Chinos

Skjermbilde 2016-06-22 kl. 12.57.09

Memorial day has passed, and the white pants are back. We say wear them while you can, and our favorite are the chinos from Ralph Lauren, priced at $125. Get it here


Skjermbilde 2016-06-22 kl. 12.40.31

While the white sneaker trend of last year does indeed continue, here is another great shoe that can be worn both casual and semi formal. The black leather espadrilles from Saint Laurent is high up on our wish list, and priced at $395. Get it here.

The Getaway Bag

Skjermbilde 2016-06-22 kl. 13.22.34

For this year’s getaway bag, we are all about classic Horween American Bison leather. Priced at $625, the Jackson Duffle Bag from Trask will hold everything you need to bring with you for a quick weekend away, and last year after year. Get it here.


3 Blue Dress Shirts That Save Your Outfit

You have blue, white, pink and patterned dress shirts, but putting together an outfit, and suiting up in the morning, can sometimes be difficult. You make so many other decisions throughout the day, that color combinations and accessorizing do not deserve top priority. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t opt to look your best. Here are 3 different blue (and not so boring) shirts that will easily save any outfit.


The Blue Striped Shirt

Blue striped dress shirt

A blue striped shirt is a wardrobe staple, and a safe choice for any shade of blue or grey suit. The shirt has a cutaway collar, a single barrel notched cuff, and minimal detailing. Wear it with a windsor tie knot, easily style the look with a brown belt and matching shoes, and the outfit is a winner.

The Blue Gingham ShirtBlue micro checked dress shirt

The dark blue micro gingham shirt has a few more casual details, but can be just as sophisticated. At the office, this shirt is worn best with a four in hand tie and a charcoal or navy suit. For happy hour, let the tie go and sport a relaxed unbuttoned collar.

The Blue Friday Shirt

turquoise contrasted gingham dress shirt

No tie needed for this look! The blue turquoise gingham shirt is contrasted with a solid color in the same hue, on the inside of the collar and cuff. Start the weekend off right, and wear this shirt with a pair of gray slacks, and an unbuttoned collar. Casual Friday never looked this good. 

How To Suit Up For A Wedding

The wedding season is up, and many gents are wondering how to suit up for the occasion! There are plenty of ways to crack the code and look your appropriate best for the newlyweds!

Pay attention to the invitation!

The invitation you receive to a wedding will include an indicator of what attire is appropriate for the evening. Pay attention to key words such as “black tie” or formal. Here are the most common dress codes for weddings, and how to sport them all!

The Black Tie Wedding

Black Tie Wedding

The ladies will be wearing goings, and you want to opt for a tuxedo for this occasion. Choose between a tie or a bow tie, and add a black vest to obtain the full look. The boldest gents can replace the vest with a cummerbund. For a summer wedding, you might be able to wear a black suit instead of a tuxedo. Our recommended shirt look is either a bib, or a covered placket.

The Semi Formal Wedding

Skjermbilde 2016-05-25 kl. 22.26.47

While you still want to opt for a formal suit and tie at a semi formal wedding, the time of the event can be a great indicator. If the reception is set in the evening, make sure to wear dark colors, and a dark tie as well. For a daytime reception, feel free to sport some lighter colors. A normal white dress shirt with a french or american placket will suffice for this attire.

The Casual Wedding

Skjermbilde 2016-05-25 kl. 22.34.11

You are welcome to, but not obligated to wear a tie for this one! Sport some dress pants or khaki’s with a light shirt and a blazer or a sport jacket, choose a casual tie or wear your collar button open!