The Met Gala: The Best Tuxedos of the Red Carpet

At the Met Galla, the biggest Fashion testimony of the year, wild and interesting outfits are applauded, and for this year’s theme “Manus x Machina: Fashion in an age of technology”, the gents did not hold back! While some opted for a real dress-up, here are the best tuxedo looks of the red carpet.

Orlando Bloom

Orlando Bloom in PradaIt’s rather safe plaid, but we’ve said it before, and we say it again. A classic tuxedo look spiced up with a colored jacket. It cannot go wrong!

Tom Hiddleston
Tom Hiddelston Ralph Lauren Purple Label

Hiddleston looks impeccable in Ralph Lauren Purple Label. Perfectly tailored, and extra points for the traditional tail coat, which seemed to be a popular choice for the evening!

Jared Leto

Jared Leto in Gucci

Jared Leto is up there with the boldest gents of the night, yet carrying his Gucci tux with style. To replace a bow tie, Leto sports a silver brooch with blue details, the way only he can. Our tip is to opt for a bib on the shirt next time, to avoid a sheer look!


Diplo in Calvin Klein

A green tuxedo from Calvin Klein, with subtle lapels, matching shirt and a black tie. It’s a look to love or hate, and we love it. Notice the ultra trendy patent shoes with crossed bands.

Idris Elba

Idris Elba in Tom Ford

Tom Ford knows how to make the ultimate Tuxedo, and Idris Elba knows how to rock one. finished with patent shoes and a small detail on wide lapels, this look wins the night! It’s your world Mr. Elba, we are just living in it.


Which look is your favorite?

Poplin, End-on-End, Oxford: Your Ultimate Summer Weaves

Buying a dress shirt is one thing, but there are plenty of types of weaves and patterns. So how do you know what which fabric to look for while shopping your summer shirts? ManuelRacim explains it all!

The Poplin Shirt

The poplin weave, also commonly referred to as broadcloth, is the most standard shirt texture, and is woven in a simple criss cross pattern. It breathes very well and is the perfect fabric to wear under a suit during summer season. Because the fabric is so light at hand, it looks good with a striped or gingham pattern.

Poplin Shirt Blue

The End-On-End Shirt

The end-on-end shirt is the same as a poplin, but woven with two or more colors, for a two-toned appearance. An end-on-end weave allows for a fabric to look interesting up close, while maintaining the look of a solid shirt.

end on end weave shirt

The Oxford Shirt

The Oxford shirt feels much more textured at hand than other fabrics. It has interlacing warp and weft threads that forms into a basket weave, and is popular for more casual shirts, because of its aesthetics. A solid fabric will have a nice casual look, while a patterned shirt will have a nice color pop.

Oxford weave shirt

Wedding Season: The Satin Shirt

A satin weave does not have to be shiny! On the contrary, a charmeuse satin weave has a dull surface, but looks more dense than a normal poplin shirt, even if it’s just as thin. Whether you are tying the knot with your special someone, or plan to go to a wedding during this upcoming season, this is your perfect go-to shirt.

Satin Weave Shirt

Batman Vs. Superman – The Battle Of The Real Suits

It is all about superheroes and their suits this month! Let’s all take a break from our daily duties, and pay homage to Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck for their roles as the man of steel and the dark knight, in their new movie Batman Vs. Superman. Now, the battle of the superheroes are on everyone’s lips, but the only question we are concerned about is which one of these gents win the prize as the most dapper. So who is the best dressed man, Henry Cavill or Ben Affleck?

The Gray Suit

The gents tend to sport to very different looks, as portrayed below. Henry Cavill dressed  up in a light gray end-on-end suit, paired with a wide grenadine tie in a double windsor knot, to match his cutaway collar. Ben Affleck aims for a more simplistic style, and pairs a charcoal gray suit with a small forward point collar and a skinny tie. Both look terrific, but we favor Affleck’s simplistic style.

Cavill Affleck Gray Suit

The 3-piece Suit

Ben Affleck Sports a solid navy 3-piece suit with a green tie, and we love the subtle look, but Henry Cavill looks ravishing in tapered, pinstriped 3-piece, paired with a tie to draw extra attention.
Skjermbilde 2016-03-30 kl. 13.09.51

The Tuxedo

The choice is again between the flashy, confident style, and the subtle gentleman look. Cavill’s large bow tie is a perfect match for his tuxedo’s wide lapels, and makes the perfect classic look. Affleck, however, wins this round, in his modern tuxedo with silk edge lapels, and minimalistic bow tie. Notice how they both sport a covered placket instead of studs!

Skjermbilde 2016-03-30 kl. 13.13.04


Which of superheroes do you favor the most?

Thomas Mason: Spring-Summer 2016 Limited Edition Shirts

The Thomas Mason Spring/Summer Limited Edition kicks of the new season yet again, and gives us new hope for colorful months ahead! The fabrics are as trendy as ever, and feel wonderful at hand. Indulge in a series of colorful plaids and stripes, playful prints, or keep it simple with a blue and red combo.

The Limited Edition is now easier to shop than ever, as ALL of the fabrics are finally available online! But, as you know, all the fabrics are limited, so be quick and be sure that you get your favorite shirts of the season!

The Seersucker Shirt

The loose tension weave fabric is back, and it has this seasons best colors! Pick anything from a plain white to a multicolored gingham, pick both if you like!

TMS2016 1


Blue and Red Fabrics

The color combination that is one of the most current one this season, is the red and blue. We love it, and not only because we are French. Whether stripes or checks is your thing, you have the options that you need.

TMS2016 6


Exotic Prints

These beautiful print fabrics capture everything we love about summer, and everything we love about shirts. The trendy swatches range from symmetrical car prints, to playful food patterns. Your imagination is the only thing stopping you.

TMS2016 8


Multicolored Plaid and Striped Shirts

Why stop at one or two colors, when you can mix several? These multicolored fabrics range from swatches in subtle various blue colors, to loud fabrics in all colors of the rainbow, each as current as the other.

TMS2016 7 TMS2016 3

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Red Carpet: The Oscars 2016


We are all excited for the winners of the 88th Academy Awards, but we were just as excited for the fashion! The stars sported everything from gorgeous classics, to risky and fun colors. Check out our best dressed list!

Leonardo DiCaprio

DiCaprio won the Academy award for best actor, and wore a bulletproof, classic tuxedo outfit for his big night. To finish off, he wore a pair of patent leather shoes, making a balance between classic and flashy. We like!

Leonardo Dicaprio

Sam Smith

The talented musician who also won an Academy award for best song, has been rocking vests for his formal attires lately, and we continue to love it! This black vest makes a slight twist to a classic look.

Sam Smith

Ryan Seacrest

The gray blazer is a winner! Ryan Seacrest, who usually swears to a classic style, hit a jackpot in this gray tuxedo jacket, and stood out on the red carpet this year.

Ryan Seacrest

Michael Strahan

Michael Strahan took the color of the season to a whole new level, and we are crazy about the look! Granted that not everyone can carry a tuxedo as bold as this, Michael looks impeccable. Notice how the tie, which matches the lapels, tones the look down, as opposed to what a bow tie would have.

Michael Strahan

Dev Patel

The navy blue suit is a classic, yet a super dapper look. We also choose to give credit for Dev Patel’s scruffy look, adding a little edge to the equation. Way to go!

Dev Patel Oscars


Which look is your favorite?

Countdown To The Oscars 2016: The Best Male Movie Outfits

It is finally Oscars week! The 88th Academy Awards is this Sunday, and while we are waiting eagerly for the red carpet action, making predictions on which nominees have the best odds of winning, making bets on whether it will happen for Leonardo DiCaprio or not this year, let’s have a look at the best dressed men of the nominated movies! From old school to ultra modern, there is something for everyone.

The Martian: Chiwetel Ejifor

Chiwetel Ejifor has proved himself as an actor, and makes a good supporting role in The Martian. However, what catches our attention are his ultra modern outfits, consisting of sharp shirts and knitted ties, paired with slim fit suits.

Chiwetel Ejiofor The Martian

Spotlight: Liev Schreiber

Naomi Watts’ husband is pretty much the only one who has any thing to show for as far as fashion goes, portrayed as Marty Baron in Spotlight. But hey, with a forward point collar, printed tie, and a black suit, he has a bulletproof look. Extra points for the glasses!

Liev Schreiber Spotlight

The Big Short: Ryan Gosling

It is no news to our readers that we applaud several Of Ryan Goslings looks in The Big Short. Statement suits and bold looks will always win in our book!

Ryan Gosling The Big Short

Bridge Of Spies: Tom Hanks

Portrayed as New York Lawyer James Donovan during The Cold War, Tom Hanks takes fashion back in time as well. The classics should be appreciated, and this look deserves a spot on our list. Notice the concealed button down collar, and the pin striped suit.

bridge of spies Tom Hanks

Brooklyn: Emory Cohen

Portraying a charming Italian-American, Emory Cohen carries the 1940’s casual look exactly how we love it. Oversized shirt with folded sleeves, wide pants, trendy shades, and a stylish lady by his side. Coney Island anyone?

Emory Cohen as "Tony" and Saoirse Ronan as "Eilis" in BROOKLYN. Photo by Kerry Brown. © 2015 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation All Rights Reserved


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Red Carpet: The Best Dressed Gents of The Grammys

The 58th Grammy Awards kicked off last night, and the gentlemen looked as dapper as ever on the red carpet, daring to sport outfits out of the ordinary. Check out the best dressed!

Jack Antonoff

Jack Antonoff, Grammys Red Carpet

We applaude Jack Antonoff for giving this classic look a twist, in the form of a grey tux jacket, not to mention patent shoes! The shirt is a classic white tuxedo shirt with a covered placket.

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Any true ManuelRacim customer is aware of our polka dotted shirt obsession. Common decided to take it one step further, by adding dots to the jacket lapels as well. A risky move indeed, but with black buttons and no further details, this look is one of our favorites!

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Sam Hunt


Sam Hunt D&G, Grammys Red Carpet

Speaking of risky! Sam Hunt sported a pale pink suit, and again, the minimalistic detailing makes the outfit a winner. Worn with a sharp white button down collar shirt, and dark brown shoes, Hunt achieves the perfect balance.

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Abel Tesfaye (The Weeknd)

The Weeknd, all black, Grammys red carpet

Abel Tesfaye, better known as The Weeknd, went for a all black look, a style that is currently as trendy as can be, but remains classic and discreet. Extra points for the black poplin shirt with covered plackets! We love it.

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Sam Smith

Sam Smith Grammys red carpet

We have said it before, and we say it again. You cannot go wrong with a three piece suit! This tapered, dark blue, pinstriped suit makes a great look for Sam Smith, who paired it with a detailed tie and pocket square. A classic white point collar shirt is nice and discreet.

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James Bay

James Bay, Burberry, Grammys Red Carpet

This is the prime example of how to best add your own style to a dress code. James Bay sported a velvet tuxedo jacket, slim pants, suede boots and a wide brimmed hat. On top of that, he let his long hair hang free. This is confidence all the way from the red carpet to the stage!

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Which Look Is Your Favorite?

Stay Cool Through The Winter With Our New Accessories

Need a new pair of cufflinks? Looking for new, stylish ties? A new season is in session, and we have just the right details to get your wardrobe through a dark and cold winter. Stock up on ties, whether you are the midnight blue paisley kind of guy, or will go for the trendy wool ties to keep warm. Our new cufflinks can cater to the taste of any gentleman, and ranges from discreet silver to bright colors.


Wool Ties

Brown Wool TieGrey Striped Wool Tie

The classic necktie is not limited to just silk. On the contrary, the most stylish gentlemen have recently invited the edgy looking wool tie into their wardrobe. Let a rustic color give your outfit a vintage look, or stay classic with a gray striped style.


Midnight Blue Ties

Midnight Blue Paisley TieMidnight Blue Pindot Tie


Midnight blue rules as one of the most current colors this season, and the variations of patterns are many! Be bold with a paisley jacquard print, go for a bullet proof pindot tie.


Grenadine Silk Ties

Burgundy Grenadine TieGreen Grenadine Tie

A grenadine silk tie is gauze woven, and looks aesthetically appealing due to its textured surface, that allows for an interesting detail without flashy prints and bright colors. This interesting weave is a sure conversation starter.


All Silver Cufflinks

Silver Disk CufflinksSilver Knot Cufflinks

Go for all silver cufflinks, and let shape and textures steal the show. The textured disc cufflink remains classic and ever-appropriate, while the “silk” knot ones are cool and creative.


Onyx Cufflinks

Onyx Disk Cufflinks Onyx Sylinder Cufflinks

Black onyx cufflinks are a perfect addition to formal wear, as they match tuxedo studs so well. Go the safe route with a pair of round disk cufflinks, or be edgy with round cylinder cufflinks.


Bright Colored Cufflinks
Pink Disk CufflinksOval Paisley Cufflinks

Add some color to your attire, and let the cufflinks steal the show. The thick disk cufflink in a pink shade adds additional detailing due to its shape, while the yellow paisley design says it all with the motif.

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Nuit D’Hiver: The Winter Collection Has Arrived

Since the early 1900’s, bars and restaurants of Paris’ left bank have served as meeting places for great minds, who would revel at the iconic Le Dome, La Rotonde or Cafe De Flore. It was these settings that inspired great literature, art and fashion.
Now we let them inspire us.

Olive Variations

These fall toned gingham patterns are sure to capture a late fall day in the streets of Paris. Whether your favorite is an all green plaid shirt, multitoned, or even a jacquard, you will find a fabric to suit your mood in this section.


Rouge Tanin

Inspired by the great pride of the French, Bordeaux wine, here is a selection of playful red and burgundy prints, both in deep, seductive colors, and light patterns that merely touch upon the subject.


Minuit Black

The black shirt is earning its spot in the Fashion picture, and the French man is always ahead. Choose between solid black and grays, as well as sharp textures and prints.


Asphalte Flannel

A flannel shirt, or a brushed cotton, is more current than ever, and is no longer limited to the casual Sunday look. A nice button down collar makes the shirt perfect for a pair of jeans, a cutaway collar and Mother of Pearl buttons ensures a great look for your favorite suit.


4 White Dress Shirts To Save Any Gray Day

What is the best white dress shirt? The options are endless with this neutral fabric, and can be styled for any day, and any occasion. Allow us to present our four best picks this season, and get your own go-to white dress shirt, by clicking the photos!

The Minimalistic Dress Shirt

While a white shirt is generally considered a classic, trendy elements can easily be added. This collar is a Slim Forward Point, one of our minimalistic collar types, and looks impeccable with both a skinny tie, bow tie, and even unbuttoned. To match this mini-collar, there is the slim barrel cuff, with a square finish. With thin Mother Of Pearl buttons and a sleek poplin fabric, the shirt makes up for a discrete, yet deadly sharp look.

Minimalistic White Shirt

The Classic Dress Shirt

Looking for the ultimate classic dress shirt? Look no further. The traditional Forward Point is a collar that is always right, and with a rounded barrel cuff, it is a bullet proof look. The royal oxford fabric works perfectly for along day at the office, yet the high quality, the shine, not to mention the thick Mother Of Pearl buttons, makes this shirt as wonderful for a more formal matter. In conclusion, there is no occasion for which this shirt cannot be worn.

Classic White Dress Shirt

The Modern Dress Shirt

New age men’s fashion is all about the details, and we are talking about those kind of details that can only be included in custom clothing. You will only be able to catch a glimpse of this dark blue subtle floral print, by Liberty of London, that is hiding inside the collar, as well as the French cuff. A shiny detail (cufflink) on which can certainly be added without going overboard. Notice that the collar is a cutaway, a updated classy look.

White Dress Shirt With Contrast Fabric

The Formal Dress Shirt

You don’t need to turn to a tuxedo shirt in order to be dressy. Plenty of fabric weaves shines enough to provide that dressy finish. The key is texture, and a twill or chevron weave will serve you well in this manner. Styled with a pronounced semi cutaway collar, the shirt contains subtle key statements that sends the exact message you want. A simple button barrel makes the shirt versatile.

Formal Dress Shirt