Dress Shirt: Spread collar vs Point collar?

When designing a dress shirt, how do you choose between a spread collar and a point collar?
Choosing the type of collar that is most suited to you and your style can be tricky, here are a few variant factors to make your choice easier!
The two most common worn collar styles for a dress shirt are the Spread and the Point Collar. When choosing a collar, it is good to think about how you will be wearing it, mostly with a tie? Or are you looking for a shirt that transition well into a casual look?
Which collar most suits your face shape?
What type of tie will you be wearing? Is it for a tuxedo shirt where you might wear a bow tie? Here are a few pointers on how to choose your collar.

Spread collars

A spread collar is made to have wider collar points. Compared to a point Collar, the spread is angled outwards instead of pointing down.  It is paired well with a full or half Windsor tie knot or if you are designing a tuxedo shirt and you want to wear a bow tie.  This is a modern twist to traditional attire.

We have three different types of spread collars varying on the angle of the collar point.

  • The Semi Cutaway
  • The medium Cutaway
  • Full Cutaway

When choosing the type of cutaway it is good to consider how you might accessories your shirt with and for what occasion. If you are wearing a tie every day a medium or a full cutaway gives more room for the tie knot and gives a more formal look. It is also a nice option to do a full cutaway with a bowtie if you are designing a tux shirt or planning to wear your shirt to a wedding or an event.

The Semi cutaway is very popular as it looks great with a tie and also transitions well into a more casual look, for instance without a tie and unbuttoned.

Semi Cutaway


Full Cutaway



Point Collars

A point collar has a narrower distance than a spread between the two collar points. When it is buttoned up all the way, it is a smaller enclosure for the tie knot. It is a more traditional style and remains a very classic look. When unbuttoned, the collar holds a nice shape and transitions well into casual attire.

We do three different types of forward points; this is depending on the size of the collar.

  • Forward Point
  • Small forward point
  • Slim forward point

A forward point is one of the most traditional collars; it looks great with a tie and without, can work well as a formal shirt along with a casual, the small forward point is a nice balance of modern and formal as the collar is slightly smaller than a regular forward point.

You would typically choose a slim forward point when designing a casual shirt, as the collar is smaller and is harder to fit a tie, however it looks great if you are looking for something more modern.

Forward Point

Small Forward Point

Slim Forward Point


How to choose the best collar for your face shape

It can be difficult to choose the right collar for your face shape, and to know what is the most flattering.

If you have a more rounded jaw line, Narrow forward point collars help to elongate and thin out the face. The best style collars are the forward point or the slim forward point, equally for a more casual look the button down or concealed button down is a good alternative.

Equally For a square jaw line, the forward point collars are better whereas a diamond or Oblong shape face suit the wider more spread collars; you need the cutaway or full cutaway to give your face the appearance of fullness and the jaw line to appear wider.



Red Carpet: The Oscars 2016


We are all excited for the winners of the 88th Academy Awards, but we were just as excited for the fashion! The stars sported everything from gorgeous classics, to risky and fun colors. Check out our best dressed list!

Leonardo DiCaprio

DiCaprio won the Academy award for best actor, and wore a bulletproof, classic tuxedo outfit for his big night. To finish off, he wore a pair of patent leather shoes, making a balance between classic and flashy. We like!

Leonardo Dicaprio

Sam Smith

The talented musician who also won an Academy award for best song, has been rocking vests for his formal attires lately, and we continue to love it! This black vest makes a slight twist to a classic look.

Sam Smith

Ryan Seacrest

The gray blazer is a winner! Ryan Seacrest, who usually swears to a classic style, hit a jackpot in this gray tuxedo jacket, and stood out on the red carpet this year.

Ryan Seacrest

Michael Strahan

Michael Strahan took the color of the season to a whole new level, and we are crazy about the look! Granted that not everyone can carry a tuxedo as bold as this, Michael looks impeccable. Notice how the tie, which matches the lapels, tones the look down, as opposed to what a bow tie would have.

Michael Strahan

Dev Patel

The navy blue suit is a classic, yet a super dapper look. We also choose to give credit for Dev Patel’s scruffy look, adding a little edge to the equation. Way to go!

Dev Patel Oscars


Which look is your favorite?

Countdown To The Oscars 2016: The Best Male Movie Outfits

It is finally Oscars week! The 88th Academy Awards is this Sunday, and while we are waiting eagerly for the red carpet action, making predictions on which nominees have the best odds of winning, making bets on whether it will happen for Leonardo DiCaprio or not this year, let’s have a look at the best dressed men of the nominated movies! From old school to ultra modern, there is something for everyone.

The Martian: Chiwetel Ejifor

Chiwetel Ejifor has proved himself as an actor, and makes a good supporting role in The Martian. However, what catches our attention are his ultra modern outfits, consisting of sharp shirts and knitted ties, paired with slim fit suits.

Chiwetel Ejiofor The Martian

Spotlight: Liev Schreiber

Naomi Watts’ husband is pretty much the only one who has any thing to show for as far as fashion goes, portrayed as Marty Baron in Spotlight. But hey, with a forward point collar, printed tie, and a black suit, he has a bulletproof look. Extra points for the glasses!

Liev Schreiber Spotlight

The Big Short: Ryan Gosling

It is no news to our readers that we applaud several Of Ryan Goslings looks in The Big Short. Statement suits and bold looks will always win in our book!

Ryan Gosling The Big Short

Bridge Of Spies: Tom Hanks

Portrayed as New York Lawyer James Donovan during The Cold War, Tom Hanks takes fashion back in time as well. The classics should be appreciated, and this look deserves a spot on our list. Notice the concealed button down collar, and the pin striped suit.

bridge of spies Tom Hanks

Brooklyn: Emory Cohen

Portraying a charming Italian-American, Emory Cohen carries the 1940’s casual look exactly how we love it. Oversized shirt with folded sleeves, wide pants, trendy shades, and a stylish lady by his side. Coney Island anyone?

Emory Cohen as "Tony" and Saoirse Ronan as "Eilis" in BROOKLYN. Photo by Kerry Brown. © 2015 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation All Rights Reserved


Are You Excited About The Oscars?

Ryan Gosling Suits Up For The Big Short

The Big Short is on everyone’s lips, and while we are not exactly crazy about the wig and and the fake tan, one can hardly deny that Ryan Gosling’s suit game in this Oscar nominated movie, Based on Michael Lewis’ 2010 book, is right on point. From classic to edgy, here are our favorite looks!

The Blue Plaid Suit

Leave it up to a powdered navy suit with a plaid pattern to make things interesting. The reason why this gem of a look works, is due to the small variation is blue shades, which leaves the suit at a classic style to pair with printed tie, and a even a white contrast collar.

Get the shirt here.

Ryan Gosling The Big Short Suit 1

The Gray Tweed Suit

No man should have to live without a go-to tweed suit, and the gray hue is as timeless as you can possibly get it. The really beauty of it all is that this suit can be paired with anything from a white shirt and tie, to a black shirt for a night out. Notice the white on white striped shirt, a look that we applaud.

Get your white on white striped shirt here.

Ryan Gosling The Big Short Suit 2

The Charcoal Pinstripe Suit

No need to be scared of going back to basics, as long as they are good basics. In a world of business, we cannot deny that a pinstriped suit is a look that always works. The dark charcoal shade is discreet enough to balance the look, and with a classic white shirt, the suit will serve as a perfect go-to for any day at the office.

Get your classic White shirt here. 

Ryan Gosling The Big Short Suit 3


Which Look Is Your Favorite?

Tatan of DiRocco Eyewear – On Handling Business, And Dressing The Part

Sebastian “Tatan” Ramirez has done what is the dream of many individuals. He has become his own boss. As the founder of DiRocco Eyewear, the first brand to produce eyewear frames made of carbon fiber, Tatan has made a lot of himself from the short time he has been in New York. We met with the dapper looking entrepreneur in Soho, New York, to hear his take on business, entrepreneurship and most importantly, fashion.

First things first – What is your education?

I went to college for industrial engineering. I was always that kid in class drawing, I was very into creativity, art and music. When I finished engineering, I realized that it wasn’t really what I wanted to pursue. I wanted to be in the creative field, and that has lead me to where I am today. However, the engineering has help me put order into this messy and colorful creative side.

Skjermbilde 2015-05-19 kl. 12.49.27

So what is your actual profession? What do you do?

I am the founder of DiRocco Eyewear. However, in reality, as an entrepreneur, you are the janitor, the creative director and the president. If you need something done then you can only rely on yourself. You can distribute responsibility to your team, but if someone does not follow through, then you will have to follow through for them, because at the end of the day, it is your name on the line, and you always want to make sure that it is perceived the right way. I do primarily spend my time exploring how we can create a product, that is innovative, stylish, not just fashionable, and that makes the receiver feel something when they see it, all the way from a product, to the presentation of a company.



How did the idea of DiRocco Eyewear come about?

I was in the motor sports field, designing performance pieces for super cars, and I worked with carbon fiber, so I had experience with this material. Then I got diagnosed with glaucoma, an eye disease that can eventually make you blind. I freaked out about not being able to see, but then I started thinking about how I could bring together all these components that was central in my life; the style, and the material, and most importantly my eyes. It all came together, and became DiRocco Eyewear, the name coming after something else that is very important to me. DiRocco is my wife’s maiden name, and with her only having sisters, the name dies with their generation. I want it to live on through our company.

Skjermbilde 2015-05-19 kl. 12.54.41

A lot of individuals in New York start up their own business. It’s a tough market, and a big leap. What made you jump?

I guess when you have that entrepreneur spirit, there’s really no other choice for you. It’s your nature, not something you actively decide; it almost seems riskier not to do it, because the reward it less if you don’t make it happen. It is risky for you, and your personal happiness to keep a hunger like that suppressed. It stops the natural progression of who you are. Most importantly, I believe in what we are doing, and why we do what we do. All this, combined with diligence and persistence, will equal success.

seb interview

You always look very dapper and stylish; why is style important to you?

Style helps you dictate how other people perceive you. For the people I interact with, and people I care for, I see it as good manners to dress well. I also don’t want to leave any room for interpretation on their end when it comes to how they perceive me. Style should be my way of telling them.

Skjermbilde 2015-05-19 kl. 13.03.29

Can you mention some basic rules of style that all men should follow?

If you follow the rules without knowing the meaning of them, then you are in danger of becoming a snob, and that is the last thing I would want to be.

The only real rule that should always be followed is to be weather appropriate. I’m not going to wear suit shorts and a t-shirt in the winter, or a thick tweed suit in the summer. It looks out of place.

What statement piece do you value most?

A part of me wants to call out the navy suit, but if I am going to bring it down to the most elemental thing, the white shirt is a clear winner. Nothing beats a white shirt. If you have to travel, and you have little space to pack, you will need an outfit that’s going to carry you over for the entire weekend. If you pack a white shirt, and you are careful about keeping it clean, you can wear this shirt three days in a row; with a tie, unbuttoned, with a different tie, then you get away with three entirely different looks. I try to buy five white shirts for each colored shirt that I buy.

Skjermbilde 2015-05-19 kl. 13.06.44Other than the classic white – what does your favorite shirt look like?

I enjoy a nice macro gingham shirt, maybe in navy or red, but yes; the white shirt is the most elemental and important shirt. I love the club collar, because it’s a little different. While it is, in my opinion, appropriate for the work place, it shows that you went the extra mile when you got your shirt. The cutaway collar is also a good collar, in the sense that it is versatile. Recently I have also grown to favor the Italian cuff, or “cocktail cuff”, which does not have cufflinks, but gives the same feel as a French cuff.


Get Tatan’s favorite shirts here:


White Club Collar Shirt:


Navy Gingham Shirt:



4 Ways to Style The Double Breasted Suit Jacket


One thing that can be said about the double breasted suit jacket is that, if anything, it was surely not the look, silhouette nor loudness that eventually gave it a bad, and most definitely unmerited reputation.

The comeback, which has already been whispered about for a few years, is now a fact, and not only for the baldest fashionistas. Style icons such as David Gandy, and Chris Pine are showing of their looks on the red carpet as well as on the street, proving to everyone that you do not have to be stuck in the 1980’s to wear the double breasted jacket.

The question remains, how should it be worn? Apart from making absolutely sure that this crisp jacket is well tailored, allow us to show you four ways of making it work, as shown by four style icons of our time.

Chris Pine’s Classic look: Shirt and Tie.

Skjermbilde 2015-03-03 kl. 11.58.38

Actor Chris Pine shows off some great styling skills in the details of the look shown above– wearing a printed tie and pocket square with a blue striped shirt. On the contrary, notice that the pattern of the suit remains rather simplistic and classic. Skip the pinstripes and checkered patterns, and choose a solid color to obtain a classic look.

Johannes Huebl: Drop the tie, let the shirt do the talking

Skjermbilde 2015-03-03 kl. 12.28.19

New York socialite Johannes Huebl has a great eye for the dandy but casual style, and proves that it doesn’t take much more than your classic white shirt to complement a double breasted jacket.

Choose this look with proper dress pants for a night out, or dress it down with denim for your Saturday lunch date.

David Gandy’s Casual look: Over a T shirt

Skjermbilde 2015-03-03 kl. 12.00.55

What is great about the double breasted jacket is that it can be more than just part of a look; it can be the whole look. Now, as shown by model David Gandy, this does indeed leave some more room for creativeness; whether it be colorful buttons, checkered patterns, or having the entire jacket made out of denim.

Show this look off after dark; For dinner or a few casual drinks.

Michael B. Jordan: Keeping warm in Cashmere until Spring

Skjermbilde 2015-03-03 kl. 15.13.53

Hey, let’s face it, spring season has yet to land upon New York. While you wait, don’t be afraid to rock a cashmere turtleneck underneath the double breasted jacket. Featured in GQ, Michael B Jordan makes this combination look as cool and effortless as ever.


What is your favorite style?

What Shirt Would You Wear for the Biggest Ceremony of the Year?


Awards season reached its apogee Sunday evening at the 87th Oscars in Los Angeles.
The Ceremony, hosted by the great Neil Patrick Harris, was (as always) a huge success, and once again, a proof that gents are in the mist of outdoing their female counterparts on the red carpet.

With that many menswear trends at the same time and place, allow us to take them apart and reveal what this year’s most current faces chose to wear for the biggest event of the season– and perhaps give you some inspiration?


Here is our top 5!

#1 – Mother Of Pearl studs and Semi-Cutaway Collar – A safe winner

In the world of fashion at least. Academy award nominee Michael Keaton opted for a classic white tuxedo shirt with Mother of Pearl studs, and a modern design with the versatile semi-cutaway collar, that can be worn with a bow tie/tie or unbuttoned for a casual week-end outfit.

#2 – The wing collar – Add some edge
Skjermbilde 2015-02-24 kl. 15.14.24 (1)

J.K. Simmons won an Academy Award for best actor in a supporting role with the music drama Whiplash, and as he entered the stage, the actor’s message to the World was clear; “Call your mom!”. Nor was he afraid to make a statement in this wing collared shirt, detailed with black studs. To top off the look, Simmons chose to rock a hat and a pocket square.

#3 – The hidden placket – For a simplistic look

Oscars 2015’s host Neil Patrick Harris amazed us with his 5 outfits of the night ( maybe not the tighty whities, although we give him a +1 for Audacity). However, what really caught our eyes was this classic white shirt with french cuffs and hidden placket that gives a sleek and simple look to the whole outfit.

#4 – A classic shirt – Statement buttons

Birdman’s Director Alejandro González Iñárritu was one of the most celebrated men of the night, as he won 4 Oscars, including Best Director. He chose a simple white shirt with thick mother of pearl buttons and semi-cutaway collar for his big night. The least we can say is that it was a lucky one!
+1 for his acceptance speeches and Oscar dedicated to the new generation of Mexican immigrants.

#5 – Burgundy details – For taking back the night

One of the boldest choices of the night was British actor David Oyelowo’s Dolce & Gabbana burdungy tuxedo. He assorted it with a white classic shirt with a matching red colored bow tie and vest (the devil is in the details!).
Although most of us could not go out with this tuxedo, he certainly rocked it, and for that he deserves an award! May we suggest a white shirt with burgundy buttons as a moderation?

Bonus: To try at home first – Sean Penn’s Black on Black look

Dark as usual, Sean Penn made a brilliant appearance in a Black Tuxedo with Black shirt and Black tie. Now, can anyone own this look like Sean Penn himself? You tell us.


The Best Dressed Men – Golden Globes 2015

Well, it looks like awards season kicked off into high gear last Sunday with the 2015 Golden Globes, hosted for the 3rd year in a row by the famous duo: Amy Poehler and Tina Fey.

To celebrate the start of the festivities and outfits’ inspiration that come with it, we’ve highlighted five red carpet looks that caught our eye during this first Hollywood ceremony of the season.
While most commented on women’s outfits on the red carpet, we focus here on the dashing looks of their male counterparts.

Here is, for starters, our top Five for best dressed men at the 2015 Golden Globes!

#1- Matt Bomer in Ralph Lauren

The actor not only won an award for best supporting actor in a series, miniseries or TV movie, he also won our widely shared opinion award of best dressed man of the night. He embodied perfectly Ralph Lauren’s spirit with just the right navy blue satin shawl lapel tuxedo and a plain white custom shirt. Need we say more?

His outfit:
Ralph Lauren Black Label navy tuxedo

#2- Eddie Redmayne in Gucci

Eddie was definitely the man of these Golden Globes, winning the best actor in a motion picture drama award for his critically acclaimed interpretation of the astrophysicist Stephen Hawking in The Theory of Everything. The actor kept it classic and classy with a black tuxedo, adding his own British touch with the velvet jacket.

His outfit:
Gucci Black velvet tuxedo
Chopard watch

#3- Matthew McConaughey in Dolce & Gabbana

One of the boldest, still fashion savvy choice of the evening was the raisin-hued tuxedo worn by the bearded Interstellar actor. Look out for this color as you will see a lot of it this season. All we want to know is, what will he wear next?

His outfit:
– Purple tuxedo by Dolce & Gabbana

#4- Jared Leto in Lanvin
72nd Annual Golden Globe Awards - Press Room

Although most talked about Jared Leto’s new hairstyle during these Golden Globes (he wore a man braid); we also loved his peak lapel white tuxedo (classic Jared!). One of the highlights of the night was also the engaged speech he gave, paying tribute to the victims of Paris’ terrorist attack.

His outfit:
– White Lanvin tuxedo with a black satin lapel

#5- George Clooney in Giorgio Armani

Hard to find a picture of George by himself when everybody photographed the expected first red carpet of Mr. and Mrs. Clooney. Smart as always, our favorite Doctor recycled his wedding tuxedo and custom shirt for the occasion. On the other hand, Amal wore a Dior gown with white gloves you might or might not approve of (we personally loved it).
The couple made a hit in classic Hollywood style, with thoughtful and assorted “Je suis Charlie” pins.

His outfit:
– Custom-made black tuxedo by Giorgio Armani

Stand-up Style: Late Night’s Best Dressed Hosts

Now that the botched Tonight Show torch-passing is a distant memory, most people have warmed up to the new faces of late night television. But what we’re more curious about than who the torch will be passed to next is, can any of the freshly minted hosts hold a torch to the old guard’s style? Take a look at our Late Night fashion report card, and find out our picks for best dressed. Read more