3 Types of Summer Fabrics: Dobby, Jacquard, Floral

Summer is around the corner, and the hunt for the perfect printed summer shirt has officially started. There are several alternatives, including the famous floral print, and we have the best options for you.

The Dobby Cloth Shirt

The dobby weave is characterized by its small geometric patterns that are woven into the fabric. Sometimes different colors of threads are used, which gives an extra edge to a shirt that is rather discreet. Wear this with your favorite slags or your light summer suit, without a tie!

Dobby Cloth

The Jacquard Shirt

There are several types of jacquard weaves, but in essence, its aesthetics include a complex design that is woven into the fabric with exterior yarn. It’s the perfect alternative to a dye print, as the handcraft is much more complex, making the shirt look more exclusive and interesting.

Jacquard shirt

The Floral Liberty Shirt

The classic floral print is a must for the summer season, and Liberty of London is superior in this field – which is why they are our sole provider of our floral prints. The light, fine fabrics are a great match for summer, and the beautifully illustrated prints are embellished with fresh colors. Get this shirt short sleeved!

Dark Blue Floral Print

Casual Shirt Weaves: Chambray, Denim, Flannel

We’ve already talked about weaves and fabrics for summer. Some are strictly meant for dress shirts, while others are perfect for casual shirts. Have a look at our best weaves for a laid-back weekend look!

The Chambray Shirt

The chambray shirt is a plain woven fabric with a reverse finish, usually made with a colored and a white thread. It can be both lightweight and heavyweight. It carries close resemblance with the oxford weave, but also looks a lot like denim! These properties makes the shirt a perfect hybrid between casual and conservative, and we love versatile looks!

Chambray Shirt

The Denim Shirt

The denim fabric is quite similar to the chambray weave, and the big difference is that denim is always a twill weave. It’s diagonal texture can be easily recognized on thick jeans. A classic denim shirt is a perfect piece of clothing to just throw on, and keep in mind that you can also sport it with a suit!

Denim Shirt

The Flannel Shirt

A flannel shirt is the softest and most comfortable item you can have in your wardrobe. It is this soft for two reasons. The yarn is loosely spun before the fabric is made, and after it is woven, it is brushed on both sides, to raise the fine fibers in the yarn. Be summer or winter, man should not have to face a sunday without a go-to flannel shirt.

Flannel Shirt

Countdown To The Oscars 2016: The Best Male Movie Outfits

It is finally Oscars week! The 88th Academy Awards is this Sunday, and while we are waiting eagerly for the red carpet action, making predictions on which nominees have the best odds of winning, making bets on whether it will happen for Leonardo DiCaprio or not this year, let’s have a look at the best dressed men of the nominated movies! From old school to ultra modern, there is something for everyone.

The Martian: Chiwetel Ejifor

Chiwetel Ejifor has proved himself as an actor, and makes a good supporting role in The Martian. However, what catches our attention are his ultra modern outfits, consisting of sharp shirts and knitted ties, paired with slim fit suits.

Chiwetel Ejiofor The Martian

Spotlight: Liev Schreiber

Naomi Watts’ husband is pretty much the only one who has any thing to show for as far as fashion goes, portrayed as Marty Baron in Spotlight. But hey, with a forward point collar, printed tie, and a black suit, he has a bulletproof look. Extra points for the glasses!

Liev Schreiber Spotlight

The Big Short: Ryan Gosling

It is no news to our readers that we applaud several Of Ryan Goslings looks in The Big Short. Statement suits and bold looks will always win in our book!

Ryan Gosling The Big Short

Bridge Of Spies: Tom Hanks

Portrayed as New York Lawyer James Donovan during The Cold War, Tom Hanks takes fashion back in time as well. The classics should be appreciated, and this look deserves a spot on our list. Notice the concealed button down collar, and the pin striped suit.

bridge of spies Tom Hanks

Brooklyn: Emory Cohen

Portraying a charming Italian-American, Emory Cohen carries the 1940’s casual look exactly how we love it. Oversized shirt with folded sleeves, wide pants, trendy shades, and a stylish lady by his side. Coney Island anyone?

Emory Cohen as "Tony" and Saoirse Ronan as "Eilis" in BROOKLYN. Photo by Kerry Brown. © 2015 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation All Rights Reserved


Are You Excited About The Oscars?

Red Carpet: The Best Dressed Gents of The Grammys

The 58th Grammy Awards kicked off last night, and the gentlemen looked as dapper as ever on the red carpet, daring to sport outfits out of the ordinary. Check out the best dressed!

Jack Antonoff

Jack Antonoff, Grammys Red Carpet

We applaude Jack Antonoff for giving this classic look a twist, in the form of a grey tux jacket, not to mention patent shoes! The shirt is a classic white tuxedo shirt with a covered placket.

Get the shirt here



Any true ManuelRacim customer is aware of our polka dotted shirt obsession. Common decided to take it one step further, by adding dots to the jacket lapels as well. A risky move indeed, but with black buttons and no further details, this look is one of our favorites!

Get the shirt here

Sam Hunt


Sam Hunt D&G, Grammys Red Carpet

Speaking of risky! Sam Hunt sported a pale pink suit, and again, the minimalistic detailing makes the outfit a winner. Worn with a sharp white button down collar shirt, and dark brown shoes, Hunt achieves the perfect balance.

Get the shirt here

Abel Tesfaye (The Weeknd)

The Weeknd, all black, Grammys red carpet

Abel Tesfaye, better known as The Weeknd, went for a all black look, a style that is currently as trendy as can be, but remains classic and discreet. Extra points for the black poplin shirt with covered plackets! We love it.

Get the shirt here

Sam Smith

Sam Smith Grammys red carpet

We have said it before, and we say it again. You cannot go wrong with a three piece suit! This tapered, dark blue, pinstriped suit makes a great look for Sam Smith, who paired it with a detailed tie and pocket square. A classic white point collar shirt is nice and discreet.

Get the shirt here


James Bay

James Bay, Burberry, Grammys Red Carpet

This is the prime example of how to best add your own style to a dress code. James Bay sported a velvet tuxedo jacket, slim pants, suede boots and a wide brimmed hat. On top of that, he let his long hair hang free. This is confidence all the way from the red carpet to the stage!

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Which Look Is Your Favorite?

Placket Or No Placket?

The shirt placket, meaning the front surrounding the buttons or a dress shirt’s closure, can have several different styles. Do you ever wonder which one is the best option? As always, it depends. Do you want a visible placket your shirt, or do you prefer a plain look? Are you styling a tuxedo shirt, or looking to sport a good office attire? Opinions on this matter vary, but we have the scoop!


No placket (French Placket)

The French placket is a classic, plain style, and definitely our favorite (we are French, after all). Some people view this placket type as more casual, but we are all for a simplistic modern look in the office. This plain front can also be used for a tuxedo shirt

Shop the shirt here

Grey Shirt French Placket



Visible Placket (American Placket)

The American placket is a bullet proof choice for anything business, as it is considered a standard office style. It is also the perfect placket style to pair with a pocket and a button down collar, for a more relaxed look.

Shop the shirt here

Gray Striped Shirt American Placket

Covered Placket (Fly Front)

A covered placket is by far the most formal option, and can be used both for a classic shirt, as well as a tuxedo shirt (that is is you are skipping the studs). An extra layer is folded over to hide the front buttons completely.

Shop the shirt here

White Dress Shirt Covered Placket


See More ManuelRacim Dress Shirts Here!

Our Favorite Menswear Summer Accessories

Summer is in session, and getting warmer by the minute. New Yorkers are fleeing the hot city, and the destinations are many, whether it be a summer house out east, a boat by the French riviera, or a beach down south. Be sure to stock up on your favorite sunscreen and various essentials, and let us inspire you with our favorite accessory fashion picks for Summer 2015.


The Weekender Bag

For any quick getaway, a weekend bag i crucial. French made leather goods company Long Champ completely captures our style, with clean lines for a sleek look, and lots of space for the functionality of a spontaneous soul.


Longchamp Le Foulonné Travel Bag $895 


The Shades

It is a beautiful thing when fashion and functionality comes together and creates a product that is truthfully like nothing we have ever seen before. The DiRocco sunglasses are made with carbon fiber, and will surely last through any excursion in the nature, at sea, or the big event of the weekend.

Skjermbilde 2015-07-16 kl. 18.42.26

DiRocco MGG $888


The Belt

Speaking of fashion, functionality and cool accessories, here is a belt that will serve you just as well on laid back vacation in Europe as in a busy New York Office. The Peacemaker belt by Parabellum is made with Buffalo leather and kevlar. In other words, good luck wearing this one out. The belt comes in various colors, but our favorite is brown leather paired with the ever so trendy rose gold.


Parabellum Peacemaker belt $595


The Watch

The Lange 1 watch by A.Lange & Söhne has been the face of the German Watchmaking Brand since they were first founded in 1845, with very few moderations ever made. The trendy rose gold complements the old classic, and creates a great look. A.Lange & Söhne Lange 1,


Skjermbilde 2015-07-22 kl. 14.38.23
Price per request, available for rent by members of Eleven James


The Shoes

Your feet, that takes you anywhere, anytime you wish, deserve special attention. They deserve only the best of accessories. A pair of shoes that are perfectly fitted, and made with the very best material, using the best European handcraft. Your Lareymondie Loafers will look just as good with your navy suit as with khaki shorts. And they will feel just as good.

Skjermbilde 2015-07-16 kl. 18.40.59

Lareymondie Fringe $1,146

Linen – Traditionally Trendy

Made from the flax plant, this light, but durable fabric has been celebrated by mankind for thousands of years. Linen has earned its place as a fabric to be favored for several purposes, one of which is fashion.

The Egyptians were perhaps the first to adopt the flax plant for textile purposes, favoring white linen, as it was a considered a symbol of light and purity. The garments were to be worn by priests and royals, and only mummies of bodies from the wealthiest of the society would be wrapped cloths made of linen. It was an expensive kind of fabric, produced only in small quantities.

Now, linen does have a number of benefits over other fabrics – Firstly, it is highly durable, in fact it is three times stronger than cotton! Not to mention that, how ever breathable cotton is, linen excels in absorbing dampness. We dare argue that the cloth is more than just a favorite for hot summer days – it is a necessity.

green-linen-bb (1)

The question remains, how can it best be worn? The answer is many, but what is known as the most classic style would be the loose fitted shirt to be worn with slacks, often cut to be tucked out. This shirt will serve any warm vacation or weekend getaway with brilliance. But the most current linen shirts are more fitted, and can easily be worn in a much less casual setting. Do not hesitate to style it with your summer suit for a casual business meeting, or evening events in the city. Still in doubt? Try a 50% linen, 50% cotton. It is the best of both worlds.



3 Fall Shirts You Can’t Miss

The leaves are dropping – that means it’s officially time to stow away the summer gear. While we’re going to miss the florals and short sleeves, there’s still plenty of upside to dressing for autumn. New seasonal fabrics have just arrived at the shop, and here are three standouts that remind us why we look forward to the fall.

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La Chemise Parfaite with Rocky Li


We’re excited to introduce La Chemise Parfaite, a new series on the blog. Featuring influencers from finance to fashion, style heavyweights from every industry give us the 5 things they look for in a must-have shirt. For our inaugural entry we spoke with Rocky Li, fashion marketer and founder of fashion-cultural digest Third Looks.

Rocky is a veteran fashion marketer who has worked with the cream of the crop, including Givenchy, Evisu and Six Scents. He channels those experiences into site Third Looks, where he delivers exclusive content with a focus on coveted avant-garde menswear and the downtown New York scene. Below you’ll find the 5 details he looks for in the perfect shirt:

Versatile Design

“At this point I’m looking for shirts that stand out a bit as I already have a lot of the staples covered. Finding the right design means that it should stand out but not be such a novelty that I don’t get a chance to wear it often.”

Well-Cut Casual

“I like a slightly relaxed fit in the body, but the arms and shoulders should be spot on. I like a length that works for wearing both tucked and un-tucked. What I try to avoid looking like is the guy who just got off work from a job with a strict dress code.”

A Balanced Collar

“To me the collar size is important. I don’t like when it’s too big or too small, it’s kind of hard to put my finger on it, but it should just look right. I generally gravitate toward slimmer collars and button-downs.”

Substantial Fabric

“One of the most important aspects to me is the fabric of the shirt. I’ve got to feel comfortable and it has to have the right feel. I like shirts that aren’t too heavy but do feel substantial and are not sheer at all when you wear them.”

Detail Oriented

“Another detail I look at is the buttons. I really like mother-of-pearl buttons that are stitched on well.”

Rocky is wearing a custom ManuelRacim shirt in white poplin, with contrasting print on the pocket and collar band.

Does No-Iron Mean No Problems?

In this day and age, having to iron cotton shirts every morning can seem downright medieval. But do their non-iron counterparts live up to the hype? Or is trying to stay completely wrinkle free more likely to add wrinkles to your forehead? Read on to find out whether the non-iron dress shirt deserves a spot in your wardrobe. Read more