Choosing Between a Point Collar and a Spread Collar

How will you choose between a point collar or a spread collar? What should you keep in mind, and how will you reach the best decision? We have the essential details.

Face Shape

Point Collar – For a round face shape, a point collar would be the most flattering look. There are several types of point collars, from the traditional forward point, to the more updated small forward point, and a modern slim forward point, which is also referred to as a mini collar.


Spread Collar – For an oval/angled face shape, a spread collar does the job. A semi-cutaway, also referred to as an english spread, will be your traditional choice. If your taste is more bold, go for a classic cutaway or full cutaway.



Tie Size – Even with a small tie knot, a wide neck tie will take up space, so make absolutely sure that it can fit around the collar band, and between the collar wings. A point collar might be too narrow in this matter. However, with a narrow, or even skinny tie, a point collar offers a much more balanced look than a spread collar.

Knot – Ask yourself, what knot do you actually tie? A simple four-in-hand, which is commonly used for thinner sized ties, will fit perfectly between the wings of a point collar, or a slim point collar. A half windsor, or a windsor knot, is made for a spread collar, as it will fill out the larger gap between the wings.

No Tie – No brainer. Go for a spread collar.


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