Dress Shirt: Spread collar vs Point collar?

When designing a dress shirt, how do you choose between a spread collar and a point collar?
Choosing the type of collar that is most suited to you and your style can be tricky, here are a few variant factors to make your choice easier!
The two most common worn collar styles for a dress shirt are the Spread and the Point Collar. When choosing a collar, it is good to think about how you will be wearing it, mostly with a tie? Or are you looking for a shirt that transition well into a casual look?
Which collar most suits your face shape?
What type of tie will you be wearing? Is it for a tuxedo shirt where you might wear a bow tie? Here are a few pointers on how to choose your collar.

Spread collars

A spread collar is made to have wider collar points. Compared to a point Collar, the spread is angled outwards instead of pointing down.  It is paired well with a full or half Windsor tie knot or if you are designing a tuxedo shirt and you want to wear a bow tie.  This is a modern twist to traditional attire.

We have three different types of spread collars varying on the angle of the collar point.

  • The Semi Cutaway
  • The medium Cutaway
  • Full Cutaway

When choosing the type of cutaway it is good to consider how you might accessories your shirt with and for what occasion. If you are wearing a tie every day a medium or a full cutaway gives more room for the tie knot and gives a more formal look. It is also a nice option to do a full cutaway with a bowtie if you are designing a tux shirt or planning to wear your shirt to a wedding or an event.

The Semi cutaway is very popular as it looks great with a tie and also transitions well into a more casual look, for instance without a tie and unbuttoned.

Semi Cutaway


Full Cutaway



Point Collars

A point collar has a narrower distance than a spread between the two collar points. When it is buttoned up all the way, it is a smaller enclosure for the tie knot. It is a more traditional style and remains a very classic look. When unbuttoned, the collar holds a nice shape and transitions well into casual attire.

We do three different types of forward points; this is depending on the size of the collar.

  • Forward Point
  • Small forward point
  • Slim forward point

A forward point is one of the most traditional collars; it looks great with a tie and without, can work well as a formal shirt along with a casual, the small forward point is a nice balance of modern and formal as the collar is slightly smaller than a regular forward point.

You would typically choose a slim forward point when designing a casual shirt, as the collar is smaller and is harder to fit a tie, however it looks great if you are looking for something more modern.

Forward Point

Small Forward Point

Slim Forward Point


How to choose the best collar for your face shape

It can be difficult to choose the right collar for your face shape, and to know what is the most flattering.

If you have a more rounded jaw line, Narrow forward point collars help to elongate and thin out the face. The best style collars are the forward point or the slim forward point, equally for a more casual look the button down or concealed button down is a good alternative.

Equally For a square jaw line, the forward point collars are better whereas a diamond or Oblong shape face suit the wider more spread collars; you need the cutaway or full cutaway to give your face the appearance of fullness and the jaw line to appear wider.



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