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While there are few things as elegant as a properly executed French cuff, many men find the look either too flashy (think tacky gold plated cufflinks), or too traditional to be part of their regular wardrobe rotation.  Enter the oft-forgotten silk knot – these little wonders are the perfect way to add some subtle punch to a conservative look and demonstrate slick attention to detail, with minimal investment.

Understated Elegance

Before you immediately dismiss silk knots as juvenile, you should know the facts. These have been around since at least 1904 and were introduced by our French compatriots at Charvet, which also happens to be the oldest shirt shop on Earth. So chances are, these have been an approved style of cufflink for discerning gentlemen since long before the guy who makes your metal cufflinks was even born.

With that said, silk knots are inherently a bit more casual. Their humble construction makes for an ideal counterpoint to the seriousness of French cuffs, in situations where the full look with metal cufflinks might be considered overkill. While the glint of metal is par for the course in a boardroom, when you’re meeting for coffee on a Tuesday afternoon, a pair of silk knots in a subdued color will appear a lot less ostentatious.

Affordable Flair

Silk knots are inconspicuous enough that you can go outside your comfort zone with color choices.

They’re also inconspicuous and affordable enough that you can grab a few in colors you normally wouldn’t risk wearing. A wide tie with fat stripes in the colors of your alma mater is an eyesore, but a pair of silk knots in the same colors is clever.

Stress Free Packing

Silk knots also the perfect travel mate. A pair twists together when not worn, so you’ll never lose one and be left with an odd link. They can also be left in your shirts even when they’re being cleaned, making it less likely you’ll lose a pair in a hurried attempt to pack everything and check out of your hotel by noon. Throw a few safe colors in the bottom of your carry-on and a brighter pair in the cuffs of one of your shirts, and you’ll never be without options in the case you lose a metal cufflink to the purgatory of airport luggage check-in.

A silk knot tones down the seriousness of a conservative French cuff look.

A silk knot tones down the seriousness of a conservative French cuff look.

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