French Cuff vs Buttoned Cuff

A frequently asked question is when to wear a French cuff and when to wear a buttoned cuff. It might not be as hard to answer as you’d think, but there are several helpful guidelines to finding a style for your dress shirts that you are comfortable with.

French Cuff

Here is some basic information. The French cuff is also referred to as a double cuff, because the fabric of it is folded over, and has two layers. You will also need cufflinks in order to wear this style. There are also other types of cuffs that can be worn with a cufflink.

French Cuff

So when can you actually wear this style? While it is a common choice for a tuxedo shirt, the answer is that you can wear French cuffs whenever you want. It is an appropriate look for office wear, it allows you to customize your outfit, and dress it up or down as you wish. Wear a sharp pair of antique cufflinks when you dress to impress, and stick with casual silk knots for an average Tuesday at work. Feel free to skip the tie! Read more about how to wear French cuffs with no tie here.

french cuffs look

Buttoned Cuff

The buttoned cuff is more commonly used, as it is easier to wear. This look doesn’t need much explanation, it’s a barrel cuff, attached with one or more buttons, normally available in different finishes, such as square, round or notched.

Buttoned CuffA buttoned cuff can be used whenever, but you might want to give some more thought to the rest of the details as you wear it, so your outfit isn’t too simple. Choose a fresh fabric, or style your look with a sharp tie and a pocket square. If you get custom shirts, you can choose colored buttons for the shirt design, or a contrast fabric on the inside of the cuff, in order to add a subtle flair.

Buttoned Cuff Look

Which Look Is Your Favorite?

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