5 Ways to Guarantee You’ll Love The Shirt You Get Married In

With wedding season at its peak, many grooms are scrambling to complete their aisle walking ensemble. The right shirt can be elusive, even for men who fit off-the-rack well. We’ve rounded up some essential pointers to take advantage of made-to-measure for an unforgettable wedding day appearance.

In The Land of Boxy Rentals, Fit is King


The right fit will flatter your body shape, without restricting movement

No charming prince in the history of fairytales has ever made dreams come true, while wearing what looked like a potato sack. Fit is key. Even if you prefer a relaxed cut, the shoulders, neck, and arms still need to hit the right spots. If your shirt is properly sized, it should be slim enough not to bunch under a well-tailored tux, but still give you enough room to raise a toast without coming undone.

Fabric & Color: Two Wrongs Don’t Make a White


It should go without saying that white is the only color you should really be considering for the big day. While a powder blue gingham might seem funky now, the funk might not age so well when you look back on the photos in thirty years. Keep it simple, and go for something timeless like an elegant poplin or broadcloth. The right one will complement the specifics of your affair – while a beach wedding might entail an airy, lightweight poplin, an evening at the chateau calls for a broadcloth with an almost sateen luster.


A Class Act


A piqué weave provides some low-key luxury

As with fabric selection, some sophisticated restraint in the details will take you a long way. Don’t overthink the collar, go with whichever best accompanies your tie in flattering your face shape. Similarly, hidden buttons or simple studs create clean lines that draw attention upwards. The idea is to keep attention focused on you, not the cloth covering you. A pique or pleated bib, however, will add a touch of luxury without taking things too far. Dapper grooms are also encouraged to apply the same bib fabric to their cuffs and collar.


Show Your True Colors

If you’re feeling a bit oppressed by the conventions of traditional attire, you’ll be happy to know that our more daring customers have been finding ways to spruce up classic designs without breaking the rules. One such husband-to-be came in with his best man for a pair of subtly adventurous shirts. The groom’s collar had a silver trim matching the tones of his bride’s dress, while the best man’s button-stitching paired with the blue hues worn by the bridesmaids.


Get The Message


If you’d like the last word on how your day will be remembered, try a special monogram commemorating the occasion. An extended inscription on the inside of the collar or along the bottom hem makes for a one-of-a-kind reminder of a day unlike any other.


See how one of the founders of ManuelRacim wore his own custom shirt on the big day.

To learn more about designing your shirt with ManuelRacim, visit our wedding page now.

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