How To Wash A Dress Shirt

How do you wash a dress shirt? For all you gentlemen out there who prefer to take care of business yourself, rather than sending your shirts for washing or dry-cleaning, here is a break-down of how to best wash your cotton dress-shirts!

Pre-treat stains

Stains are not going to remove themselves, specially as a dress shirt generally should be washed on a low temperature. Pre-treat any stain by scrubbing it with stain remover, detergent, or dish soap, then let it sit for about 30 minutes, before washing. Pay extra attention to the collar as it might have sweat marks that need to be removed.

close up of white shirt and red lipstick on it


Collar stays

Always remove collar stays before washing! First of all, they might disappear in the washer. Second of all, the collar wings might warp around the collar stays and create a weird shape. Third of all, the collar stay might leave a trace at the surface of the collar. Enough said.

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Use the right laundry detergent

It goes without saying that you should divide the different colors of a shirt. But then you must choose a good detergent that protects the color of the shirts as well. Do not ever use a detergent with bleach ever, unless it is for washing white shirts, as the color of the shirt might fade.

Pouring softerner for loundry in waching machine


Use the right washing cycle

A dress shirt should be washed on a delicate or cold cycle, generally for about 30 minutes. If you wash the shirt on a higher temperature then you might experience that the shirts shrink beyond what is expected, as cotton is a fiber that shrinks when exposed to warm water.

wash cycle delicate


Finish the right way

Hang dry your shirts. The best way is to put them on hangers to avoid unnecessary creasing. The shirts do not have to be entirely dry before you iron them, you might find that it is easier to even our the creases on a slightly moist cotton shirt. But please, do not put the shirts in the dryer, and if you really have to, then this should be on the lowest temperature possible.

hang dry shirts

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