French Cuffs Vs. Simple Cuffs

Choosing between French cuffs and simple cuffs, and how to wear them, might differ depending on occasion and environment. Are you for instance going for a casual or conservative office look? Are you going to a formal wedding, or an outdoor event? We’ve got you covered. Here are 3 different cuffs, and how to wear them for the right occasion!

French Cuffs

The French cuff is a fold-over cuff is definitely the most traditional and traditional alternative. It is a bulletproof look for formal wedding or a black tie event, as it tends to be a very popular choice for a tuxedo shirt.

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Simple Cuffs

The Simple cuff is a much more appropriate for a casual spring/summer event, not to mention more comfortable, as it has half the amount of fabric around the cuff! Wear this with a light suit, khakis or slacks. Here’s a bonus tip; Silk knot cufflinks look effortlessly chic for a shirt like this. Get them here.

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The Convertible Cuffs

The convertible cuff is a game changer for a man who enjoys wearing cufflinks on certain occasions, yet opts for a buttoned cuff for the every-day look. The convertible cuff offers a button which can be hidden on the inside of the sleeve on the occasions that you’d prefer to sport a pair of cufflinks.

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