Linen – Traditionally Trendy

Made from the flax plant, this light, but durable fabric has been celebrated by mankind for thousands of years. Linen has earned its place as a fabric to be favored for several purposes, one of which is fashion.

The Egyptians were perhaps the first to adopt the flax plant for textile purposes, favoring white linen, as it was a considered a symbol of light and purity. The garments were to be worn by priests and royals, and only mummies of bodies from the wealthiest of the society would be wrapped cloths made of linen. It was an expensive kind of fabric, produced only in small quantities.

Now, linen does have a number of benefits over other fabrics – Firstly, it is highly durable, in fact it is three times stronger than cotton! Not to mention that, how ever breathable cotton is, linen excels in absorbing dampness. We dare argue that the cloth is more than just a favorite for hot summer days – it is a necessity.

green-linen-bb (1)

The question remains, how can it best be worn? The answer is many, but what is known as the most classic style would be the loose fitted shirt to be worn with slacks, often cut to be tucked out. This shirt will serve any warm vacation or weekend getaway with brilliance. But the most current linen shirts are more fitted, and can easily be worn in a much less casual setting. Do not hesitate to style it with your summer suit for a casual business meeting, or evening events in the city. Still in doubt? Try a 50% linen, 50% cotton. It is the best of both worlds.



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