Our Favorite Menswear Summer Accessories

Summer is in session, and getting warmer by the minute. New Yorkers are fleeing the hot city, and the destinations are many, whether it be a summer house out east, a boat by the French riviera, or a beach down south. Be sure to stock up on your favorite sunscreen and various essentials, and let us inspire you with our favorite accessory fashion picks for Summer 2015.


The Weekender Bag

For any quick getaway, a weekend bag i crucial. French made leather goods company Long Champ completely captures our style, with clean lines for a sleek look, and lots of space for the functionality of a spontaneous soul.


Longchamp Le Foulonné Travel Bag $895 


The Shades

It is a beautiful thing when fashion and functionality comes together and creates a product that is truthfully like nothing we have ever seen before. The DiRocco sunglasses are made with carbon fiber, and will surely last through any excursion in the nature, at sea, or the big event of the weekend.

Skjermbilde 2015-07-16 kl. 18.42.26

DiRocco MGG $888


The Belt

Speaking of fashion, functionality and cool accessories, here is a belt that will serve you just as well on laid back vacation in Europe as in a busy New York Office. The Peacemaker belt by Parabellum is made with Buffalo leather and kevlar. In other words, good luck wearing this one out. The belt comes in various colors, but our favorite is brown leather paired with the ever so trendy rose gold.


Parabellum Peacemaker belt $595


The Watch

The Lange 1 watch by A.Lange & Söhne has been the face of the German Watchmaking Brand since they were first founded in 1845, with very few moderations ever made. The trendy rose gold complements the old classic, and creates a great look. A.Lange & Söhne Lange 1,


Skjermbilde 2015-07-22 kl. 14.38.23
Price per request, available for rent by members of Eleven James


The Shoes

Your feet, that takes you anywhere, anytime you wish, deserve special attention. They deserve only the best of accessories. A pair of shoes that are perfectly fitted, and made with the very best material, using the best European handcraft. Your Lareymondie Loafers will look just as good with your navy suit as with khaki shorts. And they will feel just as good.

Skjermbilde 2015-07-16 kl. 18.40.59

Lareymondie Fringe $1,146

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