Stay Cool Through The Winter With Our New Accessories

Need a new pair of cufflinks? Looking for new, stylish ties? A new season is in session, and we have just the right details to get your wardrobe through a dark and cold winter. Stock up on ties, whether you are the midnight blue paisley kind of guy, or will go for the trendy wool ties to keep warm. Our new cufflinks can cater to the taste of any gentleman, and ranges from discreet silver to bright colors.


Wool Ties

Brown Wool TieGrey Striped Wool Tie

The classic necktie is not limited to just silk. On the contrary, the most stylish gentlemen have recently invited the edgy looking wool tie into their wardrobe. Let a rustic color give your outfit a vintage look, or stay classic with a gray striped style.


Midnight Blue Ties

Midnight Blue Paisley TieMidnight Blue Pindot Tie


Midnight blue rules as one of the most current colors this season, and the variations of patterns are many! Be bold with a paisley jacquard print, go for a bullet proof pindot tie.


Grenadine Silk Ties

Burgundy Grenadine TieGreen Grenadine Tie

A grenadine silk tie is gauze woven, and looks aesthetically appealing due to its textured surface, that allows for an interesting detail without flashy prints and bright colors. This interesting weave is a sure conversation starter.


All Silver Cufflinks

Silver Disk CufflinksSilver Knot Cufflinks

Go for all silver cufflinks, and let shape and textures steal the show. The textured disc cufflink remains classic and ever-appropriate, while the “silk” knot ones are cool and creative.


Onyx Cufflinks

Onyx Disk Cufflinks Onyx Sylinder Cufflinks

Black onyx cufflinks are a perfect addition to formal wear, as they match tuxedo studs so well. Go the safe route with a pair of round disk cufflinks, or be edgy with round cylinder cufflinks.


Bright Colored Cufflinks
Pink Disk CufflinksOval Paisley Cufflinks

Add some color to your attire, and let the cufflinks steal the show. The thick disk cufflink in a pink shade adds additional detailing due to its shape, while the yellow paisley design says it all with the motif.

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