NYC’s Best Dressed Men Design Custom Shirts for S/S 2014

At the start of the season, we broke down 5 key runway trends. This week, New York’s sharpest dressers lead by example and show us how they pull them off. Join J. Logan Horne, Dan Chizzoniti, James Nord, Freddy Rodriguez and Marcus Allen as they bring the cool back to custom shirts.

J. Logan Horne



From dressing Hollywood’s leading women to styling top editorials, J. Logan Horne is the reason your girlfriend wants new clothes. And while he’s usually making sure others are at their best, Mr. Horne isn’t pulling any punches when it comes to personal style either.

When  wearing flannel, Logan tiptoes around the obvious lumberjack look by mixing in relaxed tailoring and summer-ready accessories. Well chosen pearl buttons balance the shirt’s utilitarian details for a vibe of rural refinement – more Jazz Age Lawn Party than backwoods logger.

Dan Chizzoniti



Dan is the social media maven behind style blog Real Guys Wear Ties. With the confident swagger of a tie-wearing exec, his style is anything but conservative.

Mr. Chizzoniti reveals the secret to tackling a bold pattern: instead of trying to tone down the larger-than-life print, he embraces its wild side with a playful bowtie and oversized shades. There’s an undeniable air of rockstar bravado, revealing a guy more interested in setting trends than chasing them.

James Nord



A modern day renaissance man, Mr. Nord’s schedule balances running Fohr Card, racking up trophies for the Rapha cycling team, and being one of the most stylish guys behind a camera. We got him on the other side of the lens, making a splash of unexpected color look like something every grown man can pull off without batting an eye.

The lesson here is that the better you know the rules, the easier they are to break. By nailing all the details, from the impeccably tailored suit to the envy-inducing quiff, James leaves himself plenty of room to take risks. Peep the classically proportioned collar he paired with the standout fabric: this isn’t some silly fast fashion throwaway, it’s an introduction to advanced style.

Freddy Rodriguez



Between being a full-time fashion student and jetsetting around for his menswear site Blue Perk, Freddy has developed a precocious sense of dressing for the occasion. His jack-of-all-trades wardrobe sees him donning a suit one day, a backwards cap and sneakers the next, all while channeling his experiences on the road.

For a trip to San Francisco, he took our plaid back to the Haight’s glory days with appropriately bohemian overalls and cooler-than-thou sunglasses. Know the time and place to wear something fun, and never be made fun of.

Marcus Allen



Stylist extraordinaire, Marcus is the creative engine behind projects for everyone from Ralph Lauren to Brunello Cucinelli. He also might be New York’s finest example of dressing efficiently, with an eye for mixing simple pieces to masterful effect.

Always provocative and never abrasive, his slouchy black shirt brings together a look that’s both elegant and street-ready. The extended sleeves peek teasingly from behind a well-worn jacket, the monogram at the hem nods to the everyman sneakers below. When you consider how the pieces you add to your closet work with what’s already there, you get a lot more out of a lot less.

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