5 Risky Oscars Outfits Saved by Classic Shirts

The Oscars this year were host to an unusual role reversal, with the best dressed men strutting more daring ensembles than the women. While the ladies seemed more concerned with avoiding the worst dressed lists, the gents seemed to revel in shedding the same tuxes worn year in and year out. Luckily, most risk taking celebs averted major missteps by anchoring their edgy looks with a classic shirt.

Thanks to some smart styling (and undoubtedly some smart stylists), the unusual colors and textures that hit the red carpet were always paired with traditional tuxedo shirts that kept things from veering into fashion faux-pas territory. Below, we’ve rounded up 5 of the strongest celebrity looks grounded by timeless white shirts.

Kevin Spacey

1kevinspaceyMr. Spacey nailed it in his royal blue, satin lapelled Burberry tux by keeping the rest of his kit basic. An appropriately sized bow-tie and immaculate shirt with fly front prevent him from looking like a boy band member past his prime.

Michael B. Jordan


Newcomer Michael B. Jordan pulled off a futuristic head-to-toe Givenchy look highlighted by metal-embellished footwear. He gets away with it by sticking to a classic color-scheme and not taking after the other Michael Jordan by throwing on a ton of bling.

Pharrell Williams


The musician definitely looked Happy-go-lucky in his youthful outfit. Beyond possessing a seemingly ageless face, the 40 year old star pulled off the Lanvin shorts by keeping what fabric he did choose to wear in tune with traditional black tie rules. The white shirt, with a bib and plain-front studs, reveals the mature eye behind the boyish look.

Jared Leto


The Best Supporting Actor opted for the most eye catching getup that could still be considered traditional fare: ivory jacket, satin striped pants and patent leather pumps are thrown on with a flawlessly fitted Saint Lauren shirt. As far as his style can go, we applaud the extreme restraint shown here.

Chris Hemsworth


Looking downright chivalrous, Chris Hemsworth hit a home run with his off-color, shawl lapel jacket and waistcoat. The burgundy hue is balanced by yet another studded placket shirt, and traditional bow tie with pocket square. Kudos for not taking the obvious Hollywood route of going match-matchy with all the accessories. Classy in classics.

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