Our 4 most popular shirt collars, and which types suit your face best

To not just pick a shirt collar, but pick the right collar type, is a difficult choice! Leave it up to our customers to guide you towards the most popular looks today, and get our pointers on which collar goes better with your face shape.

1. Small Forward Point Collar

The ultimate classic! For a traditional look with an updated twist, choose the small forward point collar that has more body, and shorter points than the ever traditional forward point collar. The style complements a round face shape, and fits with most ties.


2. Cutaway Collar

The Cutaway collar is modern, but not overboard. It is a versatile collar that looks good both with and without a tie, and despite of its rather wide spread, a big tie knot is really no required to pull off the look! An oval or squared face shape fits this collar perfectly. (Here’s a tip; you can use the trendy metal pins on this collar)

Cutaway Collar

3. Semi Cutaway Collar

The Semi Cutaway Collar is also referred to as a classic English spread collar. As it is less spread, the wings of the collar makes it a bigger one than the classic cutaway, which many prefer. It is a great collar for a long neck!


4. Button Down Collar

The button down collar is a favorite go to for a casual shirt. The collar holds up well while unbuttoned, and plenty of our fashionistas like to wear it with a tie, a look that is coming back full force.

Button Down Collar


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