How To Rock French Cuffs Without a Tie

Can French cuffs be worn without a tie? Now that is a question we’ve been asked several times. The answer is simple. Yes. Whether you are going out on Friday night, or to work on Monday morning, you can wear French cuffs. A French cuff dress shirt actually follows the same rules and could be worn in the same places as a barrel cuff shirt. Cufflinks are merely just an opportunity for a man to personalize his wardrobe, and some men use them as a signature. The question remains how to choose the look that suits you best.

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How To Wear French Cuffs

Don’t be a poser: Find that look which says “I got this”. Your confidence can only shine through if you incorporate various looks into your own style. If you are not used to wearing cufflinks at all, don’t overdo it. Are French cuffs already your forte, then be careful not to dress your look down too much.

Find a balance: The key is refinement. If you are sporting your most colorful shirt, it should not be paired up with flashy cufflinks. Are you going for a white shirt, the look might benefit from some nice detailed cufflinks to draw the attention.

Make sure your shirt fits: A French cuff is a beautiful detail, but there is nothing worse than a badly tailored shirt to go with it. Nothing says “I have no idea what I’m trying to do” like a loose fitted shirt with baggy sleeves.

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Picking The Right Cufflinks

Choose the right look: If you are sporting a suit, go for high end metals such as gold or silver. The intentional lack of a tie should not be a reason to skimp on the rest of the details. Choose pair of lower end metal cufflinks for a business casual work attire, and always keep a pair of silk knots for your a casual weekend look.

Colors are your weapon: Think about what colors you implement your look with. The silk knots will give you the perfect opportunity to play around with this exact detail. A great tip is to use colors that mean something to you, for instance, your school colors. Picture that someone notices the colors – it will be the perfect conversation-starter.

Tone down the irony: The joking cufflinks should be limited to once in a blue moon. You don’t want to appear as “that guy with those crazy cufflinks”.

Cufflinks ManuelRacim

The Perfect Weekend Look With French Cuffs

The blue gingham shirt works just as well at the office as it does for the weekend, and can easily be styled with french cuffs and a pair of subtle cufflinks. Since this pattern is quite loud, you do want to stick with subtle details. As previously mentioned, if the shirt is white, feel free to sport some edgier pieces. Notice that this look is styled with silk knots, for the perfect weekend getaway look.


Got a favorite look you’d like to tell us about?  Have a question for us?  Leave a comment below!


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