Ryan Gosling Suits Up For The Big Short

The Big Short is on everyone’s lips, and while we are not exactly crazy about the wig and and the fake tan, one can hardly deny that Ryan Gosling’s suit game in this Oscar nominated movie, Based on Michael Lewis’ 2010 book, is right on point. From classic to edgy, here are our favorite looks!

The Blue Plaid Suit

Leave it up to a powdered navy suit with a plaid pattern to make things interesting. The reason why this gem of a look works, is due to the small variation is blue shades, which leaves the suit at a classic style to pair with printed tie, and a even a white contrast collar.

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Ryan Gosling The Big Short Suit 1

The Gray Tweed Suit

No man should have to live without a go-to tweed suit, and the gray hue is as timeless as you can possibly get it. The really beauty of it all is that this suit can be paired with anything from a white shirt and tie, to a black shirt for a night out. Notice the white on white striped shirt, a look that we applaud.

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Ryan Gosling The Big Short Suit 2

The Charcoal Pinstripe Suit

No need to be scared of going back to basics, as long as they are good basics. In a world of business, we cannot deny that a pinstriped suit is a look that always works. The dark charcoal shade is discreet enough to balance the look, and with a classic white shirt, the suit will serve as a perfect go-to for any day at the office.

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Ryan Gosling The Big Short Suit 3


Which Look Is Your Favorite?

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