Introducing New Collars

We listened to your feedback and added two oft-requested collars to our lineup: the Slim Button Down and Full Cutaway. Give new life to classic designs with these reinvented favorites.

Slim Button adown

Slim Button Down

This slick new collar retains all the iconic details of its predecessor, but its proportions have been slimmed down for a more modern look. Great without a tie, don’t be afraid to throw this one on with more polished suiting than you’d normally think to pair with a traditional button down. DESIGN NOW

Full Cutaway

Full Cutaway

The full cutaway is a standby in the wardrobes of men well versed in the art of suiting up. Its extra-wide spread is especially suited to highlighting a tie, so men with an affinity for strong knots and bold patterns would do well to add this rakish collar to their arsenal.  DESIGN NOW


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