Show Your True Colors: Spring 2014 Fabrics

With fashion week coming to a close, we’re excited to unveil a new fabric collection inspired by the latest Spring 2014 men’s trends. Read on to see how you can pull off runway inspired, real-world attire based on looks from Prada, Saint Laurent, Mark McNairy and more.

Alpha Dogs in Catwalk Clothing


For most guys, the runway shows are theatrical affairs that have little to do with what they’re putting on in the morning. But if you can look past the nun headwear, you’ll find that a lot of those exaggerated looks are built on great pieces. The alpha dogs aren’t chasing every passing trend though. They know themselves, and only go for the ones that work with what’s already in their closets. Show everyone you’ve had it all figured out from the get go, with an on-trend shirt that doesn’t stray from your true colors. Click any of the styles below to make it your own.

 The Elder Sportsman


The urban lumberjack look that has been so popular for the past few years grows more refined, as the wayward gentlemen sporting the look grow up themselves. Think Ernest Hemingway: well traveled, articulate, but still a little rough around the edges. Instead of the obvious mountain climbing rig, we see the same rugged fabrics used on classically tailored garments like the ones presented by David Hart. Throw a tweed sportcoat over this sophisticated flannel, for an upscale hardiness that’s less hitchhiker and more landed gentry.

Lounge Lizard


If you find yourself more often on the prowl in dimly lit bars than lush woodlands, you’ll be happy to hear that  brooding, monochromatic looks are stronger than ever. One needn’t wear Cruela De Vil’s fur to channel the moddish insouciance of this Saint Laurent look either. A mean pair of shades and a dark suit are all it takes to bring out the rebellious side of this sleek black shirt. Also, take note of the tailoring – it’s best to keep the fit on the slim side, or else you run the risk of looking more mobster than mod.

The Good Bad Boy


This look is all about wearing things that are wholesome on paper in a flippant way. Take this plaid – it’s equal parts All-American boy and grungy, downtown-type. Mix it with classic sportswear staples like a baseball jacket and cap a la Mark McNairy, and they won’t be sure if they want to take you home to meet mom or runaway from home with you. The loose fit gives everything a louche, street-ready vibe, so you won’t look like a supporting character from West Side Story.

James B(l)ond


Ever notice how some guys make ridiculous colors look run of the mill? This is how it’s done. The trick is treating this pale yellow shirt as the step beyond wearing pink or ecru to work. Instead of trying to highlight the unusual color, match it with the right color suit and pretend guys have been wearing the combo for a hundred years. Ignore the technicolor scarf and pants for a moment, so you can appreciate that Prada jacket. It’s the perfect light grey, the cut isn’t too severe, and the lapels are traditionally wide. If you’re going crazy in one department, you have to tone it down everywhere else.

The Show Stopper


One word: confidence. Prints – abstract, geometric, floral – have been dominating men’s fashion for a few season now. But if you put one on, take it the whole nine yards. It’s obvious that you aren’t going on a quick run to drop off the mail in a fine suit and printed shirt like these from Richard James, so if you’re dressing up, dress up. It doesn’t have to be head-to-toe electric blue, but a dinner jacket with satin lapels, and a pocket square on full poof will make it clear that you aren’t afraid to turn heads and make people wonder why they weren’t invited to the party of the year.

Stop by the shop, or use the Fabric filter on our online design platform to view the full Spring 2014 fabric collection.

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