Introducing: The Stain Proof Custom Shirt

A stain proof custom shirt that actually breathes seems completely unheard of and too good to be true. Yet ground breaking technology has made it possible to create such a wonder of a fabric, and now we at ManuelRacim have the pleasure of offering them to our customers, available in premium white and azure blue.

How The Stain Proof Custom Shirt Works

Induo has developed a patented technology which includes an all natural cotton fiber, that contains a tex membrane that not only repels sweat, liquids, and stains but also breathes, so is just as comfortable throughout a day.  Test it with anything, coffee, juice, wine, and notice that the genius membrane completely prevents the liquid from absorbing into the fabric. It’s like an invisible shield. Keep in mind that they will also be easier to treat.

How To Wear The Stain Proof Custom Shirt

Anywhere! The fabric is still the same soft, breathable cotton that we offer at ManuelRacim, and essentially you will not notice how the shirt is different, until you spill on it, or sweat through it, and realize that life has gotten easier. In our opinion, this is the perfect shirt for travel, when you have to pack light, and must trust your clothing to last through several days. Trust us, it has never been easier to look good. Shop the looks below!

Stain Proof Custom Shirt – Premium White

Stain Proof Custom Shirt – Azure Blue

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  1. Wayne S. Brown
    Wayne S. Brown says:

    I look forward to learning more about your shirt line. Do you anticipate offering a cream color option?Thank you.

    • ManuelRacim
      ManuelRacim says:

      Thanks, Wayne, we offer multiple cream color custom shirts! Feel free to stop by our shop in Tribeca, New York to browse our options


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