How To Wear Linen Shirts

Linen shirts are staple classics for any summer wardrobe, but it might be hard to navigate exactly how to wear it. There are more ways than one to style a linen shirt, and we are happy give you the scoop!

The Casual Linen Look

Casual linen is easy. Opt for a soft button down collar and a simple pocket. The American placket makes it even more casual. Wear it untucked with your favorite shorts, a pair of khakis, or white jeans. It’s a great excuse to choose a bright color, as the light fabric tones it down, and the look itself is already simple. Get the mint green linen shirt here!

The Uniform Linen Look

A soft and light fabric like linen is a great contrast to a uniform look. Choose shoulder straps and double breasted pockets, for the uniform look, and wear just as well unbuttoned with a white T-shirt underneath. Pick an neutral hue like this sandy beige, and pair it with earthly colored pants. Get it here!

The Contrasted Linen Look

Feeling trendy? Get a deep blue linen shirt with a flower contrast on the inside. This type of linen shirt is at its best when it is short sleeved, and paired with denim shorts or pants. Top it off with some dapper sunglasses, and your look is complete. Get it here!

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