What To Wear: New Year’s Eve 2015

Many of us won’t be spending New Year’s Eve in black tie, but that’s no excuse not to start the new year with your sartorial best foot forward. And if you are, even moreso. Make sure you’ve earned that kiss when the ball drops, and get inspired by the dapper looks our stylists have put together for every NYE party from your couch to Times Square. 

casual-new-years-eve-outfit-men outfit1-bolivares-brooks-brothers-acne-ralph-lauren-apc

Cardigan by Bolivares, Oxford Shirt by ManuelRacim, Jeans by Acne, Derby Shoes by APC, Belt by Ralph Lauren

It’s perfectly cool (ingenious even) to spend a low key evening with the people that matter most, but you can still afford to save the loungewear and slippers for the morning after. We upgraded your bathrobe to a chunky cardigan that’s just as cozy, and some lightweight black jeans with a hint of stretch will have you feeling like you’re in sweatpants but looking a million times more put together. Finish it off with a classic oxford and simple brown accents that keep with the casual, laidback vibes. An ideal ensemble for the transition from popping a bottle of champagne to dozing off with a half-empty glass in hand.



Corduroy Blazer by Paul Smith, Dress Shirt by ManuelRacim, Jeans by APC, Wingtip Shoes by Alden, Watch by IWC

If you’re attending a party without a dress code, it’s probably still wise to show your gracious hosts a bit of gratitude by showing up looking like a civilized human being. Dark denim with a navy corduroy jacket is a great alternative to a proper suit, with the perfect wintry textures to offset a classic white shirt. Cordovan wingtips and a white faced, leather strap watch similarly add some luxurious detail without getting too formal.  You’ll be all set to meander between the underdressed plus ones and the group that inevitably shows up dressed to the nines without ever looking out of place.



Check Suit by Saint Laurent Paris, Turtleneck by Brooks Brothers, Wholecut Shoes by Allen Edmonds, Pocket Square by ManuelRacim

For an occasion that requires a suit, ditch the one that you wear to close deals at work. Grab something with a bit of texture and a meaner fit, like this plaid number from Saint Laurent. A slightly shorter jacket length, and sleek tailoring will make people want to know what you do for a living, instead of wonder whether you ran to the party straight from the office. Seal the deal by channeling Bullitt-era Steve McQueen – balance the suit with a rich turtleneck, along with some extravagantly understated wholecut oxfords. The icing on the cake is a neat linen pocket square, to show you’ve got an eye for the details even if your minimal getup has them few and far between.



Tuxedo by Alexander McQueen, Bib Shirt by ManuelRacim, Captoe Shoes by Bruno Magli, Bow Tie by J. Crew

There’s a reason black tie attire has barely changed in the last century: guys look really, really good when they get it right. So don’t go all Hollywood-red-carpet on us and start inventing your own rules. Instead keep it classic and absolutely nail the fit; it’s even more subversive than trying to stand out in other ways – people will spend the night trying to wrap their head around how a guy in traditional dress stands out head and shoulders above every other man in the room. Most people don’t have an eye for the nuances of tailoring and will probably pin it on your confidence and charm. That might upset your tailor, but we’re pretty sure you can live with that.



Overcoat by Boglioli

If you’ll be venturing into the cold at any point in the night, this guy is your best friend. A solid topcoat, especially in a muted brown, goes with every outfit we listed and tips your style from good to great. They’re functionally  warm, have plenty of pockets for all the things your companion doesn’t want to carry, can be chivalrously offered up to less prepared partygoers, and automatically make you look elegant and collected despite your champagne buzz. Don’t leave home without one.

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