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Frequently Asked Questions
Is there a required minimum to place an order?
There is no minimum order.
Do you have standard size shirts?
No, we specialize in made-to-measure shirts. Personal measurements are required to order a shirt.
I want to change my contact information. How do I do this?
You can change your shipping address and other contact information in your account dashboard. Simply log in and go to My Account.
How can I pay for my order?
You can pay using cash, check or any credit card.
How should I clean my ManuelRacim shirt?
Washing: Our shirts are machine washable at 30-40 degrees Celsius maximum, equivalent to 90-100 degrees Fahrenheit. For best results please follow the washing instructions on the label sewn to the bottom of each shirt. For longest life span and to reduce shrinkage we recommend not overloading your washing machine. Fully unbutton the shirt, remove collar stays, flip up the collar, open the cuffs and apply a liquid detergent on the most market areas should get you the best and longer-lasting results. Drying: we recommend air-drying on a hanger to using a dryer. Dryers can be hard on fabrics causing shrinkage and early wear. Ironing: we recommend humidifying the shirt first. Start with collar and cuffs on the reverse side and move to the largest fabric parts. For dark shirts, proceed from the inside.
Can your shirts be custom made for women or even for children?
We can make shirts for children for any occasion. Please visit us at the store for this. Custom shirts for women will be available in the second half of 2013. Send us your contact info via our contact us form to be notified first.
Can I manage multiple measurements from one account?
Not at the moment.
How do gift certificates work?
We offer gift certificate towards a private fitting session and one or several made-to-measure shirts. You are able to choose the amount corresponding to the shirt category that you would like to offer or any store credit amount and leave a personal message. Please visit http://www.manuelracim.com/custom-dress-shirt-gift-card.html for further details.
Do you offer onsite visits for group or corporate fittings?
Yes, for a group or corporate fitting we could come onsite with the same material as the one we use in the store (fabrics, collars, cuffs, ipads). We have done it for some large clients. Please email us at general@manuelracim.com or use our contact form specifying your particular request.
What is your return policy?
Made-to-measure shirts are non-refundable and non-returnable once an order is placed. Please refer to the question "what if my first shirt does not fit" for our guaranteed fit policy. You may exchange any accessory for a like product or store credit up to 30 days after the purchase date. Accessories must be returned unused and in original condition.
Can I submit my own measurements?
No. Our measurements are taken to comply with the specific way our atelier cuts the different pieces of your shirt. As such, they can be different from those that another tailor would take. Our staff is meticulously trained by the rules of our French atelier to capture particular details of your contours and posture to get you the best results for your ManuelRacim shirt.
How long does a measurement session take?
A measurement session should not exceed 15 to 20 minutes.
What if my measurements change over time?
We always recommend that you come by the store for another fitting session when you feel that your dimensions have changed. For minor weight variations you can also make use the different body fit options (slim, extra-slim, regular) available in our shirt designer to allow for more or less room around the waist.
What if my first shirt does not fit?
We will provide one complimentary alteration on your first order within 30 days after pick-up date. Depending on the nature of the adjustments, your order will either be altered by a local tailor or redone completely at our atelier. Please expect all adjustments to take around 2-3 weeks. Kindly note that all desired changes regarding the shirt fit must be brought to the fitters’ attention before the first alteration is completed. Only the changes agreed upon by both you and the fitter will be taken into account. All subsequent tailoring requested will be charged based on standard alteration pricing. Your perfected pattern will be updated in your account so that you can re-order online with the most up-to-date measurements.
How long would alterations take on my first shirt if it doesn’t fit perfectly?
Alteration will take usually a week. If your shirt has to be re-done it will take our usual 2-3 weeks.
How long does a shirt design session take?
A shirt design session in store can take anywhere from 5 minutes to 30 minutes depending on your desire to explore fabrics and options. Our style advisors are trained to offer you faster solutions corresponding to your aspired style and the occasion you want to wear the shirt for.
Can I have my wedding shirt made at ManuelRacim?
Yes, we offer wedding shirts. We would recommend options such as our wing (also called “ceremony”) collar, studs and different variations of bibs. These last two options are not currently available on our online shirt designer. For such an important event we encourage you to come by the store or get in touch with our style advisors for a perfect ceremony shirt.
Can I make shirts for each of my groomsmen?
Yes, we have been doing identical designs for groomsmen at their own measurements. Those would be designed with our style advisors to best match your aspirations and the rest of your outfits and wedding atmosphere. We often have short or long messages written on the groomsmen shirts to commemorate that special day.
I want to write a long message on my shirt, can I do that?
You can write up to a 6 letter message in the buttons, threads and monogram section shirt designer. We can also accommodate a message as long as 15 letters. Please contact us at general@manuelracim.com for that. Note that an additional cost of $10 is added for a message longer than 6 letters.
I need help with my shirt style, what kind of shirt do you recommend?
Please visit us at our store in Tribeca, New York or get in touch with a style advisor through our contact us page.
I have a favorite shirt, can you recreate it?
Yes, we can create a shirt to look similar to your favorite shirt. Please visit us at the store with your favorite shirt and we will find the fabric, collar, cuffs and other options that best match your existing design. If your measurements are already stored you can also send us a picture at general@manuelracim.com.
I saw a nice shirt on a magazine/picture/tv show can you recreate it?
Yes, please send us a picture of the shirt that you liked at general@manuelracim.com and we will send you a link back to the shirt configured in our shirt designer. If your measurements are stored you will be able to order it in one click.
Where are your shirts crafted?
All our shirts are made from beginning to end in the western part of France. Our atelier has been making clothes for the most famous French brands for almost a century and has been a pioneer in made-to-measure shirts for three decades. Our shirts receive the official Veritas “Origine France” label certifying that every step of the shirt-making process occurs solely in France in keeping with the utmost quality and the respect of environmental and children labor laws.
What are the technical characteristics of a ManuelRacim shirt?
  • 7 points per centimeter (18 point per inch) for elegance and solidity
  • English sewing to assemble the sleeves to the shirt’s body. This technique is both for aesthetics and ultra-resistance. The hem of each part (sleeves and body) is embedded into the other. This is difficult to achieve for these curved parts (sleeves armhole) and necessitates the savoir-faire of our atelier. This also ensures no raveling over time.
  • Split (English) yoke. The yoke is made of two symmetrical pieces instead of one. This allows a perfect matching of shoulder blades and adds to back and arms comfort. It adds a nice touch of style on striped fabrics. Standard yoke-one piece of fabric-is available as well.
  • Four levels of rigidity for collars and cuffs (from ultra-soft to ultra-rigid)
  • Three distances of hem/stitching from border: 0mm (invisible), 1mm, 5mm
  • Buttons are sewn in special ascolite method. They are secured to be slightly elevated on shirt placket so that they lay flat when fastened and are easier to close. We offer replacement buttons in every shirt.
  • Genuine mother of pearl buttons offered in two levels of thicknesses ($10 extra)
  • Hem at the bottom of the shirt is sewn in very thin way in order to bother the least when tucked in the pants
  • Capucin sleeves buttoned placket
  • Removable collar stays
What are the technical characteristics of fabrics used by ManuelRacim?
  • We offer a great variety of all types of fabrics (oxford, popelin, twill, end-to-end, herringbone, pinpoint, zephyr, linen). We do a strict selection not to overwhelm our customers and narrow down to display our 150-200 best fabrics (for all price points).
  • The vast majority of our fabrics originate from the most renowned Italian mills with which we have special relationships.
  • All our fabrics are 100% cotton (no synthetic). Most of them are from Egyptian cotton. Our finest fabrics are made of the exceptional Giza-45 Egyptian cotton and we also offer a selection of authentic Sea Island at the store.
  • The vast majority of our fabrics are two-ply, so they lasts longer, more resistant to time and washing, more comfortable and easier to iron. We offer up to 3-ply threading.
  • Our fabrics display up to 200 yarn-count (often mis-labeled “thread count”). Up to 160 on the website and up to 200 in store. Most of our fabrics range between 120 and 160.
When will I receive my shirt?
Your shirt will be delivered 2 to 3 weeks after ordering. You will receive prompt notifications of the different statuses of the fabrication of your shirt as well as your order shipment.
Can I get my shirt delivered or do I have to pick it up?
Your first shirt has to be picked up at the store to make sure that the fit is perfect and decide with our style advisors of any potential adjustments of your pattern. After this first shirt we will ship to your preferred destination. If you live outside of NYC, an exception can be made to ship your first shirt to the destination of your choice. However, you would need to have been measured by our style advisors.
Your shirts ship from France, will I have to pay additional taxes or tariffs on my order?
No, ManuelRacim pays for tariffs and taxes. Your shipping costs will not cover this part.