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Our Story

Tradition or Modernity? Modernity over Tradition? Tradition without Modernity? None of these options really resonate with us…True modernity begins with tradition, it takes inspiration from what time has proven best and brings that to the modern day, “au gout du jour ”.

We know that the modern man will not compromise on quality, just as he will not compromise on the rare moment saved. So we make our shirts one at a time, with a venerable French atelier that has excelled in shirtmaking for over a century. Your measurements are taken in person, and a design is conceived with our stylists to match your exact shape and aspired style.

But make no mistake; age-old craftsmanship does not translate to antiquated pacing. We overhauled the tradition to keep up with a New York minute. Fitting is complete in twenty minutes or less, your ManuelRacim shirt is fabricated in no more than two weeks, and every design preference is stored in an online profile that places the next perfect shirt within a few clicks reach.

The ManuelRacim Experience

  • Measurements

    Whether you prefer a relaxed or slim fit, traditional quality is marked by a pattern cut after your exact dimensions. Pioneered by generations of private tailors, we still believe that nothing replaces the experience of an in-person measuring.
    For this reason, the New-York staff is trained using methods established by our century-old atelier. But, to keep step with the speed of the city, we optimized our 12-measurement system to go straight to the point and capture every dimension of the upper body in a single twenty-minute visit. Once your measurements are taken, they are stored in an online profile accessible at any time.
  • Design

    An “old-fashioned” vision of bespoke shirting is not one that we share. Our entire New-York staff is comprised of active industry insiders who live and breathe fashion everyday as stylists, models and designers.
    They will help create a classic work shirt, bring life to a daring after-hours vision, or bring their own sartorial savvy to style something fit for any occasion. Visit our style blog for of-the-moment inspiration or jump straight into expressing your creativity using our design platform.
  • French Craftsmanship

    The moment your fit and design are finalized, our French atelier is notified to start individual confection of your shirt. An atelier that boasts over 100 years of excellence serving the most renowned French luxury houses, including three decades exclusively dedicated to innovating the art of made-to-measure shirting.
    Ascolite-secured buttons; fused collars; English (split) yokes; a plethora of stich, pleat, and rigidity options; an average stitch count of 18 per inch; a selection of genuine mother of pearl buttons; and English sleeve attachment are only a few characteristics of your ManuelRacim shirt (visit our FAQ page for more details).
    Our fabrics are all 100% cotton, encompassing a vast range of Egyptian cottons up to the peerless Giza 45. The decades-spanning loyalty of our atelier to the most esteemed Italian mills, combined with the savoir-faire of our fashionable staff, ensures only the finest cloths are offered at every price point.
  • 2-Week Delivery

    Your guaranteed perfectly fitted shirt arrives from France around two weeks after submitting the design to our atelier; ready to be picked up, or delivered to you. During the fabrication process, prompt status updates will allow you to track its completion.
    If the shirt does not conform precisely to your dimensions, we offer a complimentary refinement of your pattern and alterations until the cut is nothing short of immaculate.
  • Easy Reorder

    In addition to your measurements, all past orders and saved designs are accessible from the site at any time. Whether you need a refill on your staple white shirt, have a spur of the moment design idea or love the latest feature on our style blog, a couple of clicks and it has never been easier to have a perfectly fitted shirt the first time, every time.

Now any man can effortlessly tap into over a hundred years of excellence in tailoring to create a custom shirt in two weeks. From our shop to your home, affordable, easy access to a tradition as timeless as the Perfect Shirt is the essence of the ManuelRacim Experience.