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Blue & White Checkered Shirt

The craftsmanship and vivid color outshine each other in this beautifully detailed, soft poplin shirt. The different shades of blue and navy threading are accentuated by a double-ply weave, and with an abnormally high thread count this is bound to be your favorite shirt.

The details remain classic and discreet, with a small forward point collar and a two-button rounded barrel cuff. Thick polyester buttons make up for an extra accessory that will carry the shirt on the days where you do not feel like wearing a tie.
  • -100%Cotton
  • -Double-ply
  • -Small Forward Point Collar
  • -2-button rounded barrel cuff
  • -Poplin Weave
  • -Slim Fit
  • -Thick Polyester Buttons - Off White
  • -French Placket