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Manhattan - April 2014
"The made-to-measure is as old-school as it gets, but at Tribeca shirt shop ManuelRacim, tradition is getting a convenience-oriented, tech-savvy update."
Mashable - June 20, 2014
"Bespoke men's brand ManuelRacim, founded by former Parisians Manuel Guardiola and Racim Allouani, combines tradition with modernity. Once custom shirt measurements are taken in the Tribeca storefront, they're stored online. The shirts are then handmade by a century-old French atelier and shipped to the U.S. within two weeks."
Women's Wear Daily - May 30, 2013
Just walk in -no appointment necessary- for a stylist-led tour of the high-tech space : remote-controlled panels rotate with some 200 Italian-milled fabrics and a magical wall mirror converts into a digital touch-scren...
New York Magazine - June 9, 2013
"Remote-controlled panels rotate with some 200 Italian-milled fabrics and a magical wall mirror converts into a digital touch-screen, letting customers swipe through options for everything from the type of fit, collar, and cuffs to the color of monogram, buttons, and threading."
GQ, January 2014
"It's been a while since Paris has set the tone...But this spring, designers from all over the world are paying homage to the très-minimal precision and dark colors of French businessmen."
Urban Daddy - June 12, 2013
"It looks like a 1920s Parisian parlor." "Once you've finished Minority Report-ing your way through the perfect shirt design, that design goes on a Parisian vacation to a century-old shirtmaking atelier. In two weeks, max, the shirt will be gloriously adorning your torso."
Complex Magazine - June 19, 2013
"This custom shirt shop offers a high-tech design with a 'tailored' experience."
Marie Claire - December 6, 2013
"As custom shirt designers whose products are handcrafted with a French atelier that has excelled at shirtmaking for more than a century, ManuelRacim knows a thing or two about classic menswear."
Time Out NY - May 28, 2013
"Bespoke men's shirting is made simple at this American brand's first-ever shop, which resembles a 1920s Parisian atelier with crown moldings, vintage sconces and luxe velvet curtains." "Take a seat in the cozy den to design made-to-measure button-ups ($125-$295), handcrafted within two weeks by a century-old shop in western France."
Racked New York - January 2014
"Shirts start at $125 from Parisian owner Manuel Guardiola, who doesn't require an appointment for shopping and can have a product hand-sewn in France in just two weeks."
Fashion Monitor - May 24, 2013
"Visitors are greeted by a personal advisor who will assist with the made-to-measure shirt service. Customers can choose from a selection of 200 high-grade fabrics, 20 collar variations and 15 button options."
Lucky Magazine - January 2014
"Make an appointment to have your guy's measurements taken at ManuelRacim's Tribeca shop, select from some 200 possible fabrics (and 20 collar choices, 15 button choices etc.)- and, after being sewn in France, his new made-to-measure shirt will be ready in two weeks' time."
A&H - December 1, 2013
"European luxury with local convenience, MR blends the best of both worlds at a New York pace. With about a 2-week turnaround time, you get what you want when you need it. And, as always, proper fit is the premium."
IN New York - December 2013
"The copy on the ManuelRacim website reads, 'the modern man will not compromise on the rare moment saved. So we make our shirts one at a time, with a venerable French atelier.' Wording almost as difficult to resist as the custom-tailored shirts themselves, which can be fitted in as little as 20 minutes at the new ManuelRacim TriBeCa store."
Men's Health - October 11, 2013
"If you want custom, you wont get more options than Manuel Racim...If this shirt isn’t perfect, it’s no ones fault but your own."
New York Magazine Guides - September 16, 2013
"The french shirt master" "After you choose from 200 fabrics, twenty collar choices, and fifteen types of buttons, and answer a few fit questions, specs are sent abroad and the finished product comes back within two weeks."
New York Business Journal - October 10, 2013
"Customers can enter the TriBeCa shop and browse custom shirts, design their own personal combination, and receive ultra customized measurements before ordering online in the future." "ManuelRacim looks to disrupt custom-fashion industry with hybrid storefront."
Daily News - June 23, 2013
"From collars to buttons, cuffs and threading, the newly opened Tribeca flagship ManuelRacim provides made-to-measure men's handcrafted shirts from France."
The Fabulous Report - June 11, 2013
"Shoppers can choose from 200 luxurious pattern fabrics, 15 collar styles, cuff shapes, even button color-including the buttonhole stitching and some other options including monogramming. The possibilities are endless."
Tribeca Citizen - June 7, 2013
"The shirts are made in France with Italian fabric and delivered to the store within just two weeks. Best of all, once you've been measured, you can order shirts using ManuelRacim's website."
The Well Dressed Man - June 6, 2013
"ManuelRacim made-to-measure shirts range in price from $125 to $295, and are available at the new ManuelRacim New York store."
Gotham Magazine - October 2014
"ManuelRacim cofounder Manuel Guardiola...along with Racim Allouani, creates shirts that combine artisanal French tailoring with fine Italian fabric."
Les Echos - September 2014
"Dans le quartier où habitent Justin Timberlake et Jay-Z, ManuelRacim a choisi le terrain du 'luxe accessible'"
The Examiner - June 8, 2013
"Buying a ManuelRacim shirt is an intimate, personal experience where the staff truly gets to know what your style preferences are before putting in the order."
AM New York - June 6, 2013
"Hot list: ManuelRacim, a contemporary label providing made-to-measure men's shirts."
CBS - December 23, 2013
"This is old school...it's made to you - so they actually come to you, your office, or you go there in Tribeca, and then they measure you, you pick out your print, your cuff links, whatever!"
People Magazine - May 2014
"I’m setting [my father] up with an appointment to get a custom button-down from Manuel Racim. My boyfriend was recently measured there and the final product fits him incredibly well."
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